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6th March 2003

Dear Custom Relations

It was about a week ago, after our Annual General Meeting, that the Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh Society had the pleasure of enjoying a selection of Sainsbury’s `Taste the Difference’ cheeses, accompanied by crackers from the same range of fine foods. This rich and sundry spread of delicacies offered the perfect chance for our members to unwind and acquaint themselves more fully with each others new posts and positions and a few much needed changes to our constitution.

During this brief respite, it was remarked that future evenings could be further improved by the addition of a `Taste the Difference’ washing up liquid. It was felt that such a product would have wide application and great potential in broadening the experiences of your customer base and, moreover, adding to the considerable success that has accompanied this line of premium goods. We, like all successful organisations, recognise the need for innovation in an increasingly competitive professional world and believe that satisfying niche markets and building up diversity in ones product portfolio is central to brand strength and continuity.

Although the finished version of such a product would naturally hinge on quality ingredients, other justifications for the increased added value that traditionally accompanies the notion of a premium good could include a special ergonomic grip and `sports cap’ lid. Furthermore, an additional market advantage could be gained by developing a similar low fat alternative as part of the `By Good to Oneself’ range, offering something for today’s emigrant healthy living community. Although new products are always expensive to create, there is also the advantage that the final incarnation could hold very strong similarities with any similar liquids because in general, very few people are so totally stupid as to consider drinking washing up liquid under any circumstances anyway.

Yours faithfully

Dunstan Roberts
Foreign Secretary

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