Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 28/04/2001 in H1.

Present : Anthony, Owen, Jenny, Martin, Ben, Claire, Rosie, Andrew, Debbie

Apologies : Richard, Neil, Kirsten, Benedict, Ian

  1. Owen opens the meeting.

  2. Jenny declares the meeting not fair.

  3. Jennyís room is falling apart.

  4. "It grows exponentially and its not fair" Jenny to Ben as she pulls him towards her.

  5. Votes that "that other little thing works as well": Failed.

  6. Votes that we should write to SDG and complain about the coaster: Passed

  7. Rosie always comes late and Andrew always comes with her.

  8. Votes to close: Failed.

  9. "Once you stop, you canít pop"

  10. "I had my little brother in London" Anthony

  11. Post offices and wandering in them

  12. "Poohsoc wanted to know if you are coming" The message Jenny leaves on Rosieís answering machine.

  13. Hazel nut -> nasal hut.

  14. Enough of maths: Passed

  15. Minutes of Poohsoc meetings held on 10/03/2001, 18/03/2001, 24/03/2001 are read out.

  16. "Theyíve both come at the same time" Ben about Rosie and Andrew.

  17. Swapping plums for Jaffa cakes.

  18. Votes to censure those Jaffa cakes: Failed.

  19. Ben uses a Hoover on Andrew.

  20. "You get better sex in Peterhouse" Ben

  21. Searches in Reading.

  22. Votes to censure that ring tone: Passed

  23. Debbie arrives saying she over slept, its now 17:10.

  24. "Beaver was mine" Debbie when we start talking about opening stuff.

  25. Ben had been using Henry.

  26. Votes to censure Ben for saying he hoped Poohsoc would not be around in 50 years: Passed

  27. Votes that if Poohsoc is still around in 50 years they have to invite us all back for dinner: Passed

  28. Votes to censure Rosie for asking about why you get censured: Failed.

  29. Claire talks about her solicitors pants.

  30. Anthony wouldnít say no to a small one, but he did ask what she meant.

  31. "Do you want to go out" Debbie to Jenny

  32. Jenny stands in the middle of the room going "Rabid"

  33. Jenny uses her Diabolo as a substitute for Ben.

  34. Jenny pours water on Ben.

  35. T-shirts

  36. Reading: In which it is shown Tiggers donít climb trees.

  37. Votes to censure Jenny any way: Passed

  38. Itís cheaper on-line.

  39. Apparently Jenny can sweet talk.

  40. Ben canít turn it on - Jenny.

  41. We actually have the reading now.

  42. T-shirts again.

  43. Our letter was passed onto confusion.

  44. Squashes.

  45. Enid Blyton ate people.

  46. Ben used to like St. Trinians (He actually meant Mallory Towers)

  47. "Filth" by William Shakespeare.

  48. The Secret Garden

  49. Will Rosie and Andrew be coming next week.

  50. O10 next week.

  51. Votes to have all of this term in O10: Failed.

  52. What do apartments eat?

  53. Ensuite youth hostels.

  54. Votes to close: Passed.

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