Minutes of another Winnie the Pooh Society Meeting, held on the 12th May 2001, in the Garden at 10, Selwyn Gardens, after the other meeting.

Present- Owen, Ben, Andrew, Rosie, Debbie, Claire

  1. Votes to censure Andrew's Eyore for being American- hung. Jenny is still here so she gets to decide- failed

  2. Votes that we should tell maintainance that the gate is brown and made of wood- hung

  3. Andrew has to write to the three main political party leaders and request a poohstick. He could tell them that this may effect the way members of the society vote.

  4. Votes that Rosie can miss her exams for a Pohsoc meeting in a punt- failed

  5. Claire leaves

  6. We trespass while Owen gets more tea

  7. Votes to censure Ben for lying about there being a racetrack in Leckhampton- passed

  8. Votes that we could get a medium to come to our garden party- passed

  9. A comittee meeting is opened.
    Present- Debbie, Owen, Rosie

  10. The comittee meeting is closed

  11. The 8 cake is eaten. Then it becomes a 0 cake, a [theta] cake, then a [pi] cake.

  12. We go inside

  13. Owen encourages Debbie to try on the Rabbit outfit. She does.

  14. An Expetition to S.P.

  15. Votes to close- failed, and Rosie is spodding

  16. Ben leaves

  17. Votes to close- passed

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