Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society meeting held on the 26th May 2001 in Room 8, 10 Selwyn Gardens.

Present- Rosie, Richard, Debbie, Sarah, Martin, Owen, Ben, Jenny.
Apologies- Kirsten, Benedict, Andrew, Claire, Ian.

  1. Ben brings us kinder eggs.

  2. Do we want to call Jenny? Do we want to call her Martin?

  3. Jenny says (on the phone) she is late.

  4. Votes to censure Jenny for being late- passed.

  5. Ben has made Rosie's phone all sticky.

  6. How is Rob doing?

  7. The Giraffe Squad: Martin's is more interesting, it has a piece of string.

  8. Things to do with garden party profits: Ben suggests a bear charity, RIchard sugegsts Niel's school.

  9. Will Cambridge students bother to stop Anne Campbell getting elected?

  10. The portrait of Andrew with soap is admired. Soap-on-a-rope is discussed.

  11. Solar Powered torch manufacturers are cleverer than Owen...

  12. Ben thinks wild hamsters speak French.

  13. Votes to mandate Martin to run to parliament- passed.

  14. Bees swarmed outside Ben's office.

  15. Votes to let the visitor (Sarah) vote- passed.

  16. Dave Henderson was mentioned.

  17. Jenny arrives.

  18. Votes that Jenny will sit in the corner and eat her snacks on her own- hung-
    Jenny/Christopher Robin decides against.

  19. Jenny tells Martin he will be a s**t supervisor.

  20. Votes to censure 'Snuggles'- passed.

  21. Votes to censure Ben another 8000 times- passed

  22. Rosie reads the minutes of last week's meeting (19th May), introducing Ian to women is discussed.

  23. The minutes of the extra meeting on the 12th May should've been read last week, but will have to be read next week.

  24. We discuss society T-shirts. Jenny instructs in checking sizes and colours.

  25. Ben is being more than 90.

  26. Rosie should find addresses of honourary menbers and invite them to the garden party.

  27. Owen asks 'Have you got a do-da-ee-wot-sit?'

  28. A poohsoc alumni is welcoming visits.

  29. Garden Party prices: 0 teddies
    3 members or in advance
    4 non- members on the day

  30. For the Garden Party:
    Rosie- malt extract sandwiches
    Andrew- cheese and pineapple on sticks, play Cottleston Pie on the guitar
    Ben- lend his car to go shopping in and carry things
    The 1.50 MacVities voucher
    overland poohsticks
    pin the tail on the Eyore

  31. Champagne stuff is on special in Sainsbury's now

  32. We are all really looking forward to Owen's speech...?!

  33. Ben thinks moles speak Flemish

  34. Jenny wonders if 'it' (Ben) is like a Furby

  35. Votes to hang the sofa up with a poster hanger- hung- Jenny decides against

  36. Ben should go home and stop being so silly.

  37. The Anxious Pooh Song is read by Rosie and Sarah.

  38. Votes to commend the readers- passed.

  39. 'You're so horrid Owen'- passed.

  40. Next week's meeting will be in Claire's room

  41. Votes to close- passed

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