Minutes Of The Punting Expoitition & Formal Hall - Friday 15th June 2001

Held In:

Present Owen, Martin, Debbie, Rosie, 3 Ducks, 10 Ducklings, Jenny (after the punting), Andrew (after the walk)

Apologies Andrew, Claire

  1. The meeting is finally opened at 3.15. We decide despite the rain we shall still punt to Grantchester, so we head to Scudamore's. Martin is the first to punt.

  2. It is noted that nobody is playing poohsticks on poohsticks bridge. Disgraceful!!

  3. A duck starts following us. It is immediately proposed that we censure the duck for stalking us F:2 A:2 Ab:0 (Christopher Robin later decides against) - Failed.
    Rosie then proposes that we commend the duck for trying to join one of our meetings F:3 A:1 Ab:0 - Passed
    The duck then is joined by two others and 10 ducklings, we feed the ducks our food. For it's clear devotion and for spreading pooh to others we decide that the duck should be an honourary member F: 3 A: 1 Ab:0.
    We then run out of food and the other ducks leave.

  4. Rosie takes over punting and promptly starts attack the new honourary member with the pole. We vote to censure her F: 2 A: 2 Ab: 0 (Christopher Robin later decides for) - passed.

  5. The duck is once again joined by another. Owen offers to let the duck minute. We vote to censure him and tell him not to tease the ducks F: 3 A: 0 Ab: 1
    Meanwhile Rosie gets tangled in a tree.

  6. Debbie has chocolate. We don't share it with the ducks though.

  7. The duck boards the punt and promptly leaves again. "Duck overboard!!!"

  8. Rosie suggest spit roasting the honourary members. High treason is still a hangable offence.

  9. Debbie's hiding.

  10. We appear to be going backwards. Rosie's OK at stearing it's just going in the right direction! "WATCH THE TREE!!!"

  11. Juggling Iain fell in hear.

  12. Apparently the juggler's don't juggle punts.

  13. Playing chicken with trees. Rosie attempts it and gets stuck in the tree.

  14. Duck adoption agencies

  15. "Aaah, it's stuck" - Rosie
    "No it's not" - Rosie

  16. Martin attacks Owen with the pole

  17. The man in the canoe is not a happy chappy

  18. It's not a bottomless river

  19. The blind corner fails the eye test we set it

  20. A duckling attacks Debbie whilst a swan tries to take the minutes. They're scheming against us!!

  21. "Just say when" - Rosie
    "When" - Owen

  22. It's starts raining. Debbie needs 2 umbrellas and a coat

  23. We decide being in a punt during a thunder storm is not the best idea. Rosie's punting making her the highest point. If we touch the water we could electricute all the ducks F: 0 A: 0 Ab: 1 - Abstained

  24. Jenny phones, she won't meet us as it's raining.

  25. Another agressive swan. Nevermind, we have an umbrella to protect us. The swan however finds another punt and goes to attack them instead.

  26. The water.

  27. Owen takes over punting and successfully splashes everybody except Martin who's hiding under a cusion.

  28. Straight lines. It would be good if we went in one.

  29. The soggy crew reaches dry land and return to Jenny's.

  30. "It's a bit sticky and I've got to clean it" - Jenny

  31. Afternoon is after noon. Jenny disagrees.

  32. Jenny isn't Andrew.

  33. Andrew might have difficulty putting the kettle on as he's not here.

  34. Jenny wore 3 shoes while she was at home. We question her about the number of feet she has.

  35. Soggy chocolates.

  36. Getting struck by lightning is great fun!!

  37. Rosie & Debbie have feet problems as Rosie attempts to spod.

  38. "I wonder if I have any exciting new....
    ...oh no I haven't"- Rosie

  39. "You may wish to become more vertical" - Jenny to Rosie

  40. Rosie and Jenny apologise for tomorrow, but unapologise if they turn up.

  41. "If we don't lose them we might lose them" - Owen

  42. Andrew phones, he will meet us in Martins room after Formal Hall.

  43. Martin's room contains the following things for the Garden Party:

  44. Rosie doesn't want to go to Formal Hall in a dressing gown

  45. We go to formal hall and are nearly the only people there (lots of fellows though).

  46. Rosie is wretched, ungrateful and horrible F:2 A:1 Ab:2 - Carried

  47. Owen should buy all the society members tickets to go to the Stokes Society Garden Party F:2 A:3 Ab:0 - Failed. Owen only tells Debbie what the motion was after she votes against

  48. Owen poors pepper on the candles. Debbie clears it up and then hacks the candle to pieces. Meanwhile Rosie caramalises a teaspoon.

  49. Jenny wants a dress that looks like the spoon.

  50. We leave formal and decide that it would be a good idea to go for a walk. Jenny disagrees, but we go anyway. We leave things in Martin's room and put a note outside for Andrew
    Gone Out

  51. Debbie wants chocolate so we go to Threshers. Then we go along the backs as Jenny doesn't want to go far. On the way we discuss shoes, socks and their sizes.

  52. We check to see if someone has fallen down the hole as there is a bike next to it. No sign of anybody down there so we head back.

  53. Upon return we discover Andrew waiting for us. Rosie and Andrew disappear.

  54. We wait for Jenny and Martin who seem to have been left behind.

  55. Rosie and Andrew return. Andrew thinks poohsoc.

  56. Climbing out of windows existent and non-existent.

  57. Rosie spills water on Debbie bringing back memories of the punting.

  58. Nobody is allowed to leave tomorrow's meeting until 7.30, so we can tell them Rosie's message.

  59. Rosie and Andrew leave.

  60. We discuss Ia(i)ns and note that there is an Ia(i)n a year. The conversation goes randomly onto other Ia(i)ns.

  61. Apparently Martin's parents appreciated the bird bath.

  62. Meeting people in the street.

  63. "I pick up who I'm with quite often" - Jenny

  64. Fellows on stepladders with binoculars in the Fellows car park loocking into Martin's room.

  65. Rob & Chris doing ballet.

  66. Stay out the way of prancing bears, prancing fairs and stampedes by the dodgems.

  67. Good looking, interior decorating, vegetarian, saxophonists which of these descriptions does Ben fit?

  68. Reading War And Peace on Oblivion.

  69. A few words - The entire poohsoc archive.

  70. We discuss what could have been on Martin's year book page.

  71. Martin didn't wear the same clothes throughout the first year they were just very similar.

  72. The anti-poster.

  73. Martin lived in the gyp room last year.

  74. Owen shouldn't try to do all the courses next year.

  75. Martin's primordial life dies.

  76. Martin the Cobra.

  77. Owen didn't eat ferric chloride during his GCSEs.

  78. After 10 hours we decide to close F:2 A:0 Ab:2 - passed

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