Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 23/06/2001 in O10.

Present : Martin, Owen, Debbie, Jenny, Ben, Rosie

Apologies : Claire, Richard, Neil

  1. Finally at 16:30 we become quorate and Owen opens the meeting.

  2. We eat Martin's broken fingers.

  3. Votes to censure Jenny for not being here at 16:00 when she said she would be and its now 16:50: Passed

  4. If everyone else is an hour late we can have a poohstick: Passed

  5. Jenny arrives at 17:00

  6. We eat the poohsticks

  7. "I haven't licked anything of a stick in ages" - Jenny

  8. The non-sticky end of the stick

  9. Photos.

  10. Owen's been taking photos of his computer.

  11. Jenny wishes she had tied up Martin.

  12. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting from 19/06/2001 are read by Owen

  13. Jenny gets the boot.

  14. Claire's 5 years old where as Jenny, Owen and Debbie are 3.

  15. Ripping their tops of and tipping them upside down.

  16. We lost 7 on the garden party.

  17. Votes to censure the Queen for not attending the meetings: Passed

  18. Votes that Owen should write and tell her: Passed

  19. Votes that no-one cares: Hung - CR decides for.

  20. Reading: King John's Christmas - Ben.

  21. Votes that we will pretend he did it: Passed

  22. Votes to declare Martin quorate for the rest of the meeting: Passed

  23. Votes to close: Passed

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