Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Dunting Meeting, 18th April 2003, in a punt on the Upper River and in V7 North Court, Jesus

Present: Rosy, Rachel, Dunstan, Owen, Ben (Alison and Martin were around too, but left before the meeting was opened)

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Rosy canít minute a she has a big pole in her hands.

  3. Dunstan is a figment of our imagination. F:4 A:1 Ab:0

  4. Bank holiday ??? ??? (punters, perhaps?) are terrible.

  5. Weíre going the long route, zig-zagging down the river. (This is a lie. At this point we were going up the river. Most of the time.)

  6. "Fancy losing your stick." Man in a punt.

  7. "Sheís been sticking her pole in and out now for a very long time. She must be getting tired." Ben about Rosy. (Not Rosy about Ben) (Well no, I may be incoherent, but I can usually find the appropriate personal pronoun.)

  8. Benís wrists hurt. Heís had a hard week, apparently.

  9. "Itís quite hard to work out what Iíll grab onto." Dunstan.

  10. "Anything interesting." Rosy.

  11. "Iíve got a gravely bottom." Ben.

  12. Ben must limbo under the tree. Passed.

  13. When Dunstan writes, he becomes waterproof. Passed.

  14. Benís friend thought Lady Archer was wonderful.

  15. Ben now has more of a bottom than he had before.

  16. Ben loses his pole.

  17. Dunstanís dissertation was about someone who died after eating Hot Cross Buns.

  18. Either: We are reminded of the importance of the letter g. or, more probably: We are reminded of the importance of letting go.

  19. Ben sounds like a duck.

  20. Weíve got the river with us. We left it behind on the way.

  21. The whole lotís partly illegible. (This after a small fight with a tree. We won, of course, but it used biological weapons in the form of a quantity of mud applied liberally to Ben, the punt, and, most unfortunately, the minutes. Dr. Blixí attentions have clearly been misdirected.)

  22. Setting up a table in the punt, with a waiter to bring round the wines.

  23. An artistic sprinkling of mud (The next page of the minuting pad - slightly less dirty - Sorry? No. I didnít mean the content. Donít be silly.)

  24. No strokes of idiocy.

  25. Star jumps on punts to relieve cramp.

  26. Ben has enough fat in him for whales to be able to float. Or a small nation.

  27. Weíve missed the Bristol Channel.

  28. "Release it [the punt pole] into the sea." An adjacent punter.

  29. Dave Henderson is mentioned.

  30. Mustard.

  31. Mustard in the hours/ minutes. What a mess.

  32. The blind corner with no bottom is registered disabled.

  33. Ben says there is an ice-cream punt, but maybe he dreamt it.

  34. Ben is going to become an ice-cream punter.

  35. Hire a hermit.

  36. Thalweg. (I donít know... ask Dunstan.)

  37. Countable/ uncountable cardinals.

  38. Rosy has a tree in her hair.

  39. Reading: (the title of) Furry Bear - Rosy (to avoid having to remember which bit of the constitution we want to invoke)

  40. How does one ??? oneís head.

  41. Green = Brown according to Ben. (Thatís genetic, isnít it? Does anyone know how he describes red?)

  42. The Universe decides to give in and disappear up its own ****hole. Failed.

  43. "Itís gone all stiff again... Look! Sheep! Baby sheep!" Ben

  44. May 4th be with you. (No, Ben, itís 18th April.)

  45. Dunstan hops half a bridge. (He climbs up onto Sheepís Bridge, but Owen fails to slow down so he has no time to cross and has to get back on board further down river.)

  46. We rescue some strange (high??) one-shoed punters.

  47. We find the South-West Pole.

  48. Booo... Shame...

  49. Benís phone rings (again!). We all say "Hello" in a variety of affected voices.

  50. Rosy has sold Owen her chair.

  51. Owen only has innocent coffee. Surely not. All coffee is guilty as charged.

  52. Dunstanís been middle aged since he was 11. Heís going to die in 1 Ĺ years time.

  53. The Ministry of Peas produces beans.

  54. Send Rosyís door to Rachelís mum for counselling.

  55. Dunstan wants to be a lady with a pouch.

  56. A mathmo cull would be a calculated risk. And probably integrated too. Seven integrals.

  57. Integrand > Integrate > Integral... Graduand > Graduate > Gradual...?

  58. Dunstan canít remember the memorable chorus. This is what comes of never having been a Guide.

  59. More slurping noises. Only this time without tea.

  60. Rachelís going to put on a coat of paint.

  61. Punting... Waterproof... Wordsworth.

  62. In order that gratuitous/ Long words donít seem incongruous/ Their appearance must be imbued/ With ample verisimilitude.

  63. People should bring long words to meetings, eg homoskedasticity, pro-things-to-eat.

  64. Rosy tells us the uses of potato mashers. And we thought they were just used to mash potatoes.

  65. You probably wouldnít want to use the same one, though.

  66. Votes to close. F:4 A: 0 Ab:0

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