Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Biscuit Vote Meeting, held on the 31st May 2003 in Jesus College Orchard

Present: Rosy, Katie, Naath, Rachel H

0.   We realise there wasn’t a biscuit vote during the Elevenses Meeting. We decide that as we’re still quorate and have a committee member we can have a little meeting of our own to fix that.

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Nice biscuits: 1 vote, Plain Chocolate Digestives: 3 votes. Plain Chocolate Digestives win, and thus go through the next round.

  3. Reading/ Remembering: James James Morrison Morrison: All

  4. Votes to close: Passed.

There. Done it. Back to the revision. Normal service resumes next week.

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