Minutes of the assorted Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Meetings, held on the 16th June 2003 at Pembroke College

Present: Neil, Rosy, John-h, Dunstan, Owen, Roz, Rachel C, Jack, Naath, Katie, Marta, Rachel H, Tim, … All the Other People at the Garden Party

Meeting 1

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Votes to make John-h take the minutes of this meeting: Passed.

  3. Anyone who can open a can with an implement like that I wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night.

  4. Two random Porters walk by and one says to the other "Winnie-the-Pooh, Winnie-the-Pooh" as he looks in the general direction of the trolley.

  5. Hence a welly-boot-throwing competition.

  6. Neil is a professional pineapple. When we’ve sliced him and diced him we can thread him on cocktail sticks.

  7. Roz knows everything and is a humming bird.

  8. John-h is censured for being ?lax??.

  9. We think Tim is called Tim.

  10. Votes to close: Passed.

Meeting 2

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Dunstan is an honorary woman and therefore the Society’s gender confused individual.

  3. Dunstan is the Society temptress: Failed.

  4. Alison is the Society temptress: Passed.

  5. Adulterous women: Failed.

  6. Votes to close: Passed.

Meeting 3

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Votes that this meeting was opened ten minutes ago: Passed.

  3. Votes to censure Jonathan for attacking:

  4. Votes to close: Passed.

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