Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society extraordinary post-pilgrimmage elevenses meeting

Held on 21st April 2007 at Christopher Robin's house, South London

present: Owen, Lisa, Andrew G, CGM, Beetle
later present: Philip Ward
apologies: the Northern line

9:25 pm meeting open
9:28 discussion of Freshers' Fayre
9:36 Minutes of non-meeting on 28th March are read.
9:42 Some of us look at a photograph while others discuss methods of not appearing naked to one's neighbours.
9:47 reading: The Engineer
9:49 Ice-cream is green or orange.
9:51 But mostly green, on acount of people preferring it that way.
9:54 Owen's album including a mallard.
10:02 reading: 2.II: In which Tigger comes to the Forest and has Breakfast
10:18 meeting closed by vote
10:35 The Northern line is not running from London Bridge.
10:40 CGM and Beetle head for the East London line.
11:00 signal failure on Hammersmith & City line near Aldgate
11:05 ~ 11:40 Getting from Whitechapel back onto the Circle line circuit proves to be astonishingly difficult, partly due to aforementioned signal failure, but also due to the infrequency of trains at this time of day.
11:59 CGM & Beetle eventually arrive at Liverpool Street. Train left at 11:58.
12:00 am Beetle discovers train leaving from King's Cross at 12:45.
12:10 Trains become decreasingly sure that they're running and that they haven't given up and gone to bed, as president & secretary limp across to King's Cross.
12:45½ We arrive at King's Cross and wave goodbye to the last train.  Next one is at 7:30.
12:50 "Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  The last train from King's Cross tonight has now departed, so please make your way to the exits as the station will be closing in five minutes." – King's Cross tannoy man
1:10 Beetle 'phones a friend of his who lives in Mile End.  Friend is still awake and would be happy to let the two of them sleep on his floor.
1:15 ~ 2:50 Beetle is confused by night buses.  CGM follows him like a duckling in a daze.
1:35 KFC
4:00 Arrive at Phil's house.  Convertible sofa and makeshift bed all ready.
9:00 Phil wakes us up as he has to leave at 9:30 and his house is weird student accommodation that locks from the inside.
9:20 Phil buys us breakfast at the coffee shop to thank us for keeping him awake all night.  President gives secretary 10/10 for choice of friends.
10:00 President and secretary miss National Express and take train instead.
10:43 ~ 12:23 J. Alexander D. Beetle reads 2.VIII ~ 2.X: In which Piglet does a Very Grand Thing, Eeyore finds the Wolery and Owl moves into it and Christopher Robin and Pooh come to an Enchanted Place, and We leave them There in loud voices all the way back to Cambridge.  Californian Girl of Mystery walks up and down in her society t-shirt saying, "Tut tut, it looks like I need the loo."  Actually she probably says "bathroom" on account of being from California.

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