Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on 19th May 2007 in I14, St Cat's College

present: Cat, CGM, Andy, Jess, Ryan, Clare
later present: Alex
apologies: Lisa & Owen

4.08 CGM declares this meeting open, Cat reluctantly agrees to minute (virtual member Andrew present via Skype)
4.19 Andrew requests vote on feeling sorry for him in view of his geographical inability to eat cream cakes.  Motion carried.
4.25 ‘Hello’ sent to Lukshmi via Andrew on MSN
4.27 Alex arrives late and is told of by CGM
4.30 Cat has got a Round Tuit.
4.33 Cat’s minutes have been hijacked – she’s unimpressed.
4.41 Alex goes in search of milk
4.44 Alex begins a long conversation on sub-species – mostly turtles
4.49 Alex gives up on turtles and begins on minutes
4.54 Alex is informed he is inferior to the gecko.
4.55 Cat comments on the innocent nature of the minutes – Alex says he wrote the minutes, Cat is flustered.
4.58 conversation on the errors of America follows
5.00 Alex’s sexuality is questioned.  During this conversation, Cat’s sister’s like of James is brought up.
5.09 Alex invites the wind in to join the meeting.
5.11 Alex escapes during the reading – possibly to use the microwave, he returns at the end of the reading
5.14 Alex and CGM compare tea to cake ratios – Alex wins
5.14 Andrew wishes to point out that he ate a large creamy one yesterday (we assume this refers to cake)
5.16 Cat wishes to know if Alex ‘bings’ on his own.
5.18 Andrew doesn’t have a story preference.
5.19 Cat wants something with Eeyore
5.20 Alex has a mad idea about reading
5.20 Cat is Eeyore, CGM is Rabbit, Alex is Owl
5.21 Alex likes his version because it is more mad
5.27 eeek! - cat
5.29 Alex is listening to the voices in his head
5.34 reading is interrupted for tea
5.36 Cat is distressed by Alex’s binging
5.39 Jack phones in a confusing manner.
5.48 Andrew requests to leave the meeting to go to bed.  He is given permission and leaves with goodnight wishes.
5.52 Reading ended.
6.25 Meeting closed. 

The secretary notes that the readings taken in this meeting were Twice Times from Now We Are Six and In which Christopher Robin leads an Expotition to the North Pole from Winnie-the-Pooh.

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