Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society extraordinary elevenses meeting

Held on Monday 18th June 2007 in 7 Tennis Court Terrace

Meeting 1

present: Jack, Lisa, Owen, CGM, Beetle
earlier present: Giles, Lukshmi, other people including Henry
apologies: other people

  1. meeting open
  2. meeting closed by vote

Meeting 2

  1. Jack and Owen open meetings simultaneously.
  2. hit Jack on the head: 3-0-1-1; carried
  3. The two meetings just opened are one and the same: 5-0; carried
  4. plastic cutlery
  5. Phone rings.
  6. censure the weather for upholding sod's law: 5 for, 1 dragon; carried
  7. tea-pots
  8. Alex is strange.
  9. mugs
  10. discussion of people called Eleanor, with their hair colours and lengths
  11. The Society owes Owen £5 and Beetle owes the society £4.
  12. Jack knows someone called LNR, and she dials telephone numbers correctly.
  13. Bridge crawl will meet at 2 pm at Pembroke p'lodge.
  14. Secretary asks Jack to look at his little black knob.
  15. Owen shall go out backwards: 2-0-1; carried
  16. We probably shouldn't vote on it, because we might get confused, especially I would: 3-0; carried
  17. Lisa is not aware of having been eaten by grues.
  18. Secretary is going to read out a quote: 2-0-1; carried
  19. Owen reads minutes from 9th June.
  20. Secretary censured for not inviting most of the honourary members: 4 for.
  21. Beetle reads minutes from 2nd June.
  22. Anna beats Alex up by vote.
  23. Don't get Carpal Tunnel: 4 for; carried
  24. Alex is excited about havgin the biggest jugs in the society.
  25. Jack censured for looking at non-Pooh-related material: 3-1 and 1 dragon
  26. reading: 1.IX: In which Piglet is Entirely Surrounded by Water
  27. Owen commended for pronouncing punctuation.
  28. readings: Hoppity and Rice Pudding
  29. Jerusalem
  30. The elements are worse than the mafia: carried somehow
  31. “What are we talking about?” – motion confused
  32. Dave Henderson
  33. meeting closed: 2-0-2-1
  34. Host's thing has popped out again.

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