7th May 1994 WTP minutes

Present Apologies
Paul (host - Elb)

0.5 Huw wonders how you get printing on both sides of the paper - well you print one side, take out the paper , turn it round, place it back in the printer .... !

  1. Every meeting in Paul's room must have rum laced chocolate biscuits from now on.

  2. It's raining and wet and horrible!

  3. James reads the minutes from two weeks ago.

  4. Huw has Scooby Doo'socks on

  5. Paul orders Vicky to join the meeting.

  6. Paul sends cards to himself to try and convince himself (and everyone else - or maybe not quite everyone) that he's popular.

  7. Paul is devastated that he doesn't have the restraining influence of Dominic ['s chastity belt - written by Huw] here. Huw, please stop defacing the wtp minutes!!

  8. Reading by James from "When we were very young"
    Lines and squares

  9. Anne said "I wasn't even drunk then"

  10. Reading by James from "The house at Pooh Corner"
    A house is built for Eeyore

  11. Paul looks confused

    1. "Hooray" says Paul

  12. Dinan suggests a Pooh Soc. Teddy bear's picnic

  13. EGM planned for next week

  14. WTP soc can be used as a stress reliever

  15. "James has just cracked the worst joke ever" according to Paul

  16. Dominic is for entertainment (apparently!) James has taken on the role of Dominic by wearing his (James', not Dominic's) nice red waistcoat!

  17. The garden party is to be held on Tuesday afternoon of may week. Ask Alex to book the, lawn with the Dean

  18. (Written by Huw) James moves a motion not to take the piss out of Dominic (again) just a little hypocrytical considering that he was the main perpetrator.
    for 2
    against 1
    abstentions 3

  19. James proposes a motion to take the piss out of Huw instead. Huw leaves the room

    for 3
    against 0
    abstentions 2
    Huw's maths is appalling for a Natsci. Vote is invalid as not enough members are present. James wants to vote by proxy for the 35 members that aren't here!!

  20. Penence for Dominic for not sending apologies for not attending the meeting. Silence while James dons the ceremonial Green Cap. We will wait to hear Dominic's defence at the next meeting before passing judgement!!

  21. Dinan leaves us. James sentences Dinan to go from Elb and go and do some work.

  22. (Written by Paul) we are wondering what Anne and Huw are doing behind that towel ??

  23. Paul never disturbs Vicky with his snoring. They are separated by a door.

  24. Paul suffered carbon monoxide poisoning just to make us some rum chokkie bikkies (Aaahhhhh!)

  25. Mark Williams has aspirations to %# a lettuce, or failing that, a Director of Studies for music!

  26. (Written by Paul) Anne examines Sid's legs rather closely

  27. (Written by Paul) Huwcgro Anne "Give in gracefully" then proceeds to put his arm around her to get the pen.

  28. Votes to close the meeting

    for 4
    against 0
    abstentions 1
    Not enough members are present so vote is invalid. Meeting remains open.

    James moves a motion that we can't vote. Completely pointless seeings as we can't vote on it anyway!!

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