Held at 4 p.m., in the kitchen of 2 Pembroke Street. Secretary minuting.
Presents Alex, Stephen, Jon, Tor, Sarah, Vicky

  1. The meeting is opened: Jon makes tea and Stephen sacrifices a secret biscuit hoard.

  2. Vicky had a bicycle crash this morning: we sympathise and admire her scars.

  3. Chris Caroe arrives.

  4. Tor complains loudly about her knees, which she has done too much kneeling on today.

  5. Vicky save it hurts her to eat: she seems to cope, however. How brave...

  6. According to Sarah, when she last did too much kneeling, her leg kept drifting off to the left when she got up. The future of the medical profession is in safe hands.

  7. Craig arrives.

  8. Apologies are presented from Tim (missing his first meeting as President, and failing to provide chocolate biscuits!) who is either in London or at home (possibly both), Tapani, who has family up, and Huw, who's gone to the E.N.O.

  9. Tor enlists Chris, as the only engineer presents to fix the microwave. Chris however can't be bothered to do more than think about dismantling it.

  10. Excerpt from the conversation of Tor and Chris: "Chris's is twenty-two inches" - "And I think Tor's is twenty-seven!"

  11. Vicky asks for a straw because it hurts her to pick up her teacup. No straw is forthcoming.

  12. According to Tor, contradicting Vicky and Chris, Hastings is brilliant, "because it's got a thing that goes Wheeeeeeeee!"

  13. Jon reads the minutes of the A.G.M., but Alex takes over because he keeps stopping to make new ones.

  14. "It's Angela! Wearing... little," says Chris offering her a chair next to him...

  15. Apparently Tor had seven flies in her room this morning: Sarah recommends a swat, Vicky a net.

  16. Angela tells us about a project she has to set the Latin version of Winnie-the-pooh to Gregorian chant. Could this be garden Party fodder?

  17. Vicky peppers Tor's tea: Tor says it improves the flavour (Well you made that pot! Ed.)

  18. Jon is wearing a red t-shirts Chris wants to borrow it so a friend can dress up as Superwoman. Thankfully, Tor has a better one. No-one can offer him the thigh-length red boots, however.

  19. Tor starts singing 'Waterloo' by Abba, but stops when asked to carry on.

  20. The Proposal brought up the AGM for a Poohsticks outing to the orginal and genuine Hundred-Acre Wood, which is near where Tor lives, is brought up again. However, we still don't get as far as choosing someone to organise it. Cool idea though.

  21. Chris proposes that the WtPSoc buy a castle: several are proposed and their merits keenly debated.

  22. The Lady Foundress arrives with a cucumber! Tor immediately asks if she wants some money for it.

  23. Helen Masters: "What's happened to your face, Vicky? You look as if you've fallen off your bike."

  24. Angela reads 'Growing Up' and only cracks up once.

  25. A vote is proposed by the Lady Foundress to excise 'Lines & Squares' from the Society material on the grounds of dubious transmission, but happily for Sarah no-one actually bothers to take one.

  26. Alex departs.

  27. The reading, by Angela, is 'In which Pooh invents a new game, and Eeyore joins in' from the House at Pooh Corner.

  28. Tor leaves to get back to her kneeling position: she steals Sarah's hat and puts clingfilm on Helen's cucumber before deaprting. Chris leaves with her.

  29. Vicky pours pepper into Angela's teacup, but Angela fails to drink anything out of it, thus leaving the plot unrevealed until now.

  30. Somebody who isn't there knocks at the door: Jon goes to find out who it wasn't.

  31. Helen sorts out Vicky's Part II choices for her during a lull.

  32. The fate of Paul Smith, First Secretary, is related: he was sent down for failing.

  33. Richard Clarke and Oren Goldschmidt arrive, are complimented on this week's Varsity Fab Quiz and then depart again very shortly.

  34. Ways to keep Angela's skirt down in gusts of wind are discussed: Angela favours coins, Helen thinks she should wear something under it. This leads-on to a discussion of girls' gym-shorts which the Secretary feels has no place in this record.

  35. Angela and Sarah leave.

  36. The remaining people decide on 63 Lensfield Road for next week's meeting: this one is now closed.

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