Meeting of 25/5/96, held in V8.
Present: Tim, Jon, Tapani, Stephen, Sarah, William (a friend of Tim's).
Apologiess Craig (who has family about).

  1. The Secretary arrives at three minutes past four to find noone but Tapani at home: he goes to the Library to deliver some Paracetemol tablets, and comes back to find the company assembled.

  2. Sarah apologises in advance for non-attendance next week, as she has an exam on Saturday!

  3. Sarah and Tim start discussing Medicine exams with no regard for the assembled company.

  4. The huge number of (unapologised!) absences is commented on. Revision is no excuse!

  5. Jon tries to apologise for Vicky but has to confess that she didn't actually tell him to and so is not allowed to do so.

  6. Sarah claims to have solved Helen'n'Andrew's first argument, which was over the bathroom floor. Helen wanted lino, Andrew wanted carpet; Sarah's suggestion of cork tiles was apparently deemed an amicable solution.

  7. Tapani hands out tea: he himself is drinking from a mug commemorating a Shakespear production at Brayburn, in Nairobi.

  8. Sarah spills her tea on herself.

  9. The Secretary blatantly self-publicises his reorganisation of the Society Archive.

  10. Tapani reads the minutes of the meeting before the meeting before last, since, as it says in last week's minutes, Jon forgot the last weekly minutes last week, so that they're now last week's last week's minutes. Now read on...

  11. Matters arising: the friendlessness of Gavin's new life in London, which leads him to come Up to watch the rugby, and to go to Constantine's birthday party...

  12. Tim resolves to revise liquorice for next year.

  13. The huge length of the minutes is commented on: the Secretary is implored to cut them down a bit next time.

  14. Sarah reads last week's minutes, these actually being last week's minutes rather than last week's last week's minutes, which should have been read last week.

  15. Matters arising: informed that Alex as yet has no Chapel Clerk chosen to succeed her, Tim begins to exhibit signs of ambition. He explains that he wants Alex's room, and is not swayed even by the warning that Sidney's organ practice is clearly audible from it.

  16. Apparently the Dean thinks Tim is a Methodist, which is why he's been passed over, Tim, claiming to be 'half C of E and half-Methodist'. is going to take this situation in hand.

  17. Because of the scandalously unapologised absences of both the James and the Christopher Robin, neither Testament is available to read from. Sarah reads from a collection of Pooh's Hums that Tim provides. After ascertaining that 'Lines & Squares' is not in it, she reads, 'The More it Snows' and 'If Rabbit was Bigger'.

  18. Time enough: vote to close the meeting, F/5, Ag/0, Abs/0, William not voting. Closed.

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