Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie The Pooh Society's
Elevenses Meeting, Saturday lst June 1996

Held in the kitchen of no. 2 Pembroke Street
Present: Steve Catterall, Tim Hinks, Huw Lewis, Paul Brown, Sarah Jonas, Angela Merrick and Helen Masters (Apologies recieved from Vicky Jackson)

  1. By an amazing act of ventriloquism,Pauli, in fine voice, and musical mood, convincingly pretends he is an entire symphony orchestra, and gives a spontaneous, and carefully conducted performance of Peter and the Wolf. The bassoon section is particularly skilled, though tone is lacking in the piccolos, and a higher voice is required.

  2. On cue,Tor pops in, but unfortunately not to stay, soon disappearing for a decadent outing to the dress shop.

  3. The president reads his mail. Her Majesty is unfortunately (again) unable to attend the Garden Party, but wishes us all the best, being otherwise engaged.

  4. With slightly more hopefullness David Jerkins' reply is read. Much to our continued disappointment he wishes us the best in our continued "search for the inwardness of Pooh" but has himself to pursue a search for "the inwardness of education" at a seminar.

  5. The reading is taken form "The House At Pooh Corner", chapter 2, and all enjoy the familiar and dulcet tones of the society's very own Angel(a)

  6. Except Pauli, who, harking back to his obviously more frivolous youth, seeks a slightly less innocent rendition, and takes over the reading, quite succesfully achieving his aim, to our general amusement.

  7. Helen arrives late, but unflustered

  8. The progressively idiosyncratic interpretation of the reading by now has Pooh speaking in a very braod Brummy accent.

  9. The redundant Angela decides to give Sarah an accupunture session to sooth her headache, at the cost of the rest of the socity's comfort.

  10. Plans are made for the Garden Party

  11. No one can make the next meeting so it is decided to be held in Huw's antipodean residence at 277 Mill Road and this weeks meeting is closed

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