Minutes Of The Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting Of The Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society
Saturday 12th January 2002

Held In: AA20, Pembroke College, Cambridge
Present: Owen, Neil, Andrew, Richard, Rosie, Richard
Apologies: Everybody present (see above), Martin, Jenny, Matt (see minute 9)
Minuted By: Owen, Rosie

  1. Owen opens the meeting secretly while nobody is looking, but is foiled half way through when Neil notices the minutes.

  2. Discussion moves onto the Christmas Vac, apparently Andrew spent most of it in a car

  3. Andrew attempts to tie his shoe laces with one hand and Neil follows suit. Eventually Andrew succeeds in this feet (Sorry that was dire), Neil however gives up.

  4. Apparently there are ergs in Richard's boiler room.

  5. Rosie had a blank film developed. She has not brought the photos for us to see, but claims that they are all similar shades of gray

  6. Richard got a Christmas card from Ben. However, it did not say which Ben.

  7. Selwyn Gardens is a long way from anywhere except Wolfson.

  8. Rosie appears to have forgotten that the last meeting (Saturday 8th December 2001) actually happened and hence has not written up the minutes. She somehow escapes censure as everybody desperately attempts to remember what happened. However the society's memory fails without the aid of the minutes so we may never know what we did that fateful Saturday afternoon.

  9. Due to the lack minutes from the last meeting Andrew reads the minutes from the Elevenses Meeting on Saturday 20th November 1994. Nobody actually knows any of the people mentioned, however Matt apparently apologised in advance (a fact that many minuters appear to have forgotten since then).

  10. Owen is decisive about tea leaves - for he is their master. We have Emerald Irish Cream Tea.

  11. Neil wants to know what is being written in the minutes. Owen informs him that he cannot possibly know what is happening this week until next week.

  12. Andrew reads `Lines And Squares' from `When We Were Very Young'. This sparks debate as to whether this counts has having read it during term or not as term has yet to commence.

  13. Who wants to eat a Millionaire?

  14. Votes to censure Andrew for claiming there are no other good poems in the A.A. Milne books F: 4 A: 0 Ab: 1 - Passed.

  15. Votes that the previous motion was mean F: 3 A: 2 Ab: 0 - Passed (How did this happen? Heresy should be punished!).

  16. Neil reads `Vespers' from `When We Were Very Young'.

  17. As it is A.A. Milne's birthday on Friday 18th January we decide upon a society formal hall. Black tie.

  18. It is easier with a pencil. Neil disagrees, but we put this down to psychological trauma.

  19. Andrew single handedly passes a motion to censure women (F: 1 A: 0 Ab: 4), he then relises Rosie is in fact female and passes a motion to make an exception for her (F: 1 A: 0 Ab: 4).

  20. The Cambridge Evening News is a bit of a tabloid - a square inch of the bottom left hand corner of page 7 of the Sun.

  21. Wading in washing machines

  22. Being busy people we all have to rush off, so we vote to close before we can lose quorum F: 2 A: 0 Ab: 2 - passed.

Next Week's Meeting: Saturday 19th January 2002 - Z7, North Court, Emmanuel.

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