Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh
Society Meeting held on the 18th of January 2002,
after formal hall to celebrate the birthday of
A.A.Milne, held in AA20.
In which Rosie and Andrew give 16 readings.

Present: Owen, Martin, Andrew, Neil, Richard M-H, Richard S, Rosie.

  1. Owen opens the meeting.

  2. Votes to mandate Neil to give a speech: passed

  3. We wonder if we're his relatives.

  4. Votes to censure Neil for not being able to give a proper speech or censure others properly: passed

  5. Isn't everyone a grandson?

  6. Someone should've shot Richard's grandma.

  7. Can we just have wine glasses?: failed

  8. We pass around Neil's passport photo.

  9. Neil doesn't know what an Aga is!!

  10. We fault Neil on his understanding of the conservation of energy.

  11. Martin wouldn't put pagers in the oven.

  12. Martin couldn't join Clare college women's football team because he's no good at football.

  13. Votes to censure Clare for graduating (we miss her cakes): passed

  14. Rosie should write to Ian to complain that he has not written enough letters, and to Lady Tompkis to tell her about the mystery mail we recieved.

  15. Martin and Owen should supervise Dr Baden: failed

  16. This is not a good state of affairs: failed

  17. Votes to invoke clause 55 in order that we don't have to vote on this motion immediately: hung

  18. The minutes

  19. Winnie the wallet society...

  20. Votes that we must all name our wallets Winnie: passed

  21. Votes to censure Rosie and Richard M-H for refusing to name their wallets Winnie: failed

  22. Owen attempts semaphore communication with the department of Biochemistry.

  23. Votes to vote again: spoilt

  24. Votes to do something to the entire universe: hung

  25. Votes to rename the society 'the for Republican against Democrat Society': hung

  26. Votes to hang Republicans and Democrats: passed

  27. We'll have the electric what: hung

  28. We're hanging too many motions: failed!

  29. We should second it first: failed

  30. Votes to mandate Rosie to write all the minutes left handed: failed

  31. Foiled again: passed

  32. Clause 55 needs a 2/3 majority.

  33. Owen talks about us all being tied up and gagged...

  34. There are no limits: passed

  35. These mathmos and their bloody functions.

  36. There's no point in having two pens if you're only going to use one hand.

  37. Votes that Neil should rewrite his printer sofware: passe

  38. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  39. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  40. Neil would like to censure Rosie for her lack of knowledge of Lord of the Rings.

  41. Votes to censure Neil for discussing non-Pooh-related literature: passed

  42. Maths is Martin's life: passed

  43. Martin doesn't remember badly spelt versions of Elephants in maths.

  44. Votes to censure Martin for not yet using his removal of censure: passed

  45. Votes to stop with the motions: hung

  46. Neil's going to shut up now: hung

  47. They speak Swahili over there (on Owen's bed): passed

  48. Votes to censure Neil for not doing: passed

  49. Owen fails on the ability to speak any language at all.

  50. 'My name is Owen and I have a problem': passed

  51. Reading by Rosie and Andrew:
    Corner of the Street
    Knights and Ladies
    The Old Sailor

  52. Votes that Buckingham Palace wouldn't fit in the poetry book: passed

  53. Mustard

  54. Reading by Rosie, Title by Andrew:
    The End

  55. Votes that Rosie will be six for ever and ever: passed

  56. Reading by Rosie and Andrew:
    The Invaders

  57. During general meetings we try and get everyone involved.

  58. Reading by Rosie and Andrew:
    Shoes and Stockings

  59. Owen joins Rosie and Andrew on the bed.

  60. Reading by Rosie, Andrew and Owen:
    The Doormouse and The Doctor

  61. Reading by Andrew, Rosie and Owen:
    Teddy Bear
    Pinkle Purr

  62. Reading by Owen:
    Lines and Squares

  63. Andrew tells us his new poems.

  64. Reading by Andrew and Rosie:

  65. Reading by Andrew:

  66. Andrew can't read Disobedience: passed

  67. Reading by Andrew:
    Jonathan Jo

  68. Reading by Andrew and Rosie:

  69. Reading by everyone:
    The Anxious Pooh Song

  70. Votes to censure Andrew for reading non-Pooh-related material: passed

  71. Reading by Andrew, Rosie and Owen:
    Spring Morning

  72. Votes to read A.A.Milne's entire works: failed

  73. Votes to read A.A.Milne's entire works: passed

  74. Reading by Owen:

  75. There will be a meeting tomorrow in Z7, Emma.

  76. Votes to close: passed

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