Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society Meeting,
held on 2nd February 2002 in room M1b

Present: Owen, Martin, Debbie, Andrew, Rosie, Neil

Apologies: Richard M-H, Jenny, Matt

  1. Owen has a new Monster Raving Loony Party T-shirt.

  2. Some people might really want to be cuddled by Winnie the Pooh.

  3. Votes to censure Neil for not apologising: passed

  4. Neil arrives.

  5. Now we are 6!

  6. Owen brings new Psalms

  7. Oooo- it's 020202

  8. We save empty stamp books to claim postage

  9. The biochemistry roof blew off on Monday, they put it back on and now it's blown off again.

  10. Owen and Martin are suspicious of me? hmm. What am I doing next weekend?

  11. Owen takes over the minutes.

  12. Andrew could attach a miniature porter to his ear lobes.

  13. Discussion of this subject continues.

  14. Help! I'm surrounded by mathmos!

  15. Professor Glass is Great Uncle Bulgaria, and his lectures follow something 1.7 vector space.

  16. Carrot cake.

  17. Debbie tells me off for not minuting, but they were talking about maths lecturers!

  18. Owen gets the lid closer to the plate.

  19. Votes to mandate the foreign secretary to write to Idlewild and tell them to write a song about burning toasters: passed

  20. Maths symbols are letters, so should English students understand them?

  21. All the doors in the world belong to Pembroke College.

  22. Owen takes over the minutes and hands them to Martin..

  23. We play pass the parcel with the minutes, but with no music and no wrapping paper.

  24. Reading by Owen: Furry Bear.

  25. Owen like the idea of fur knickers, mmm.

  26. Freudian slips are when you jump up two lines.

  27. Votes to object: passed

  28. Reading by Andrew: Cherry Stones

  29. Neil and Owen: rabbits in their knickers.

  30. Reading by Owen: Alexander Beetle.

  31. Votes to mandate Neil never to read another word: passed

  32. Votes to commend Owen on being able to locate the society Psalms: passed

  33. Votes to mandate Neil to read the minutes: passed

  34. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  35. We are cruel: passed

  36. Neil reads the minutes

  37. Votes to ignore Matt's apologies from now on: hung

  38. Votes to censure Owen for not shouting: hung

  39. Andrew decides the above motions: passed, failed

  40. Andrew leaves.

  41. We're in Varsity.

  42. Pancakes next week.

  43. A subsidised pilgrimage.

  44. Neil says we can have a fire in his room.

  45. Next week in Owen's.

  46. Pancakes next Tuesday at Neil's.

  47. Owen will buy flour, eggs and water with society funds.

  48. Votes to mandate Martin to bring the rum: passed

  49. It's okay to take back that motion if it's Martin

  50. We'll censure Martin's dad if he's drunk the rum.

  51. Votes to leave Neil alone, and be nice to him for a change: failed

  52. Reading by Neil: Missing.

  53. Owen still has knickers on the brain- he's cursed to always jump back two lines.

  54. Owen leases hotels on Mayfair and buys shares in Free Parking.

  55. Reading by Martin: The Emperor's Rhyme.

  56. Trust a Mathmo.

  57. Votes not to do a probability distribution: abstained

  58. Reading by Debbie: Happiness.

  59. Owen only eats lonely-looking things.

  60. Motion sickness: spoilt

  61. Reading by Owen: Buckingham Palace.

  62. Votes to close: passed

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