Minutes of the A.G.M. of the Pembroke College Winnie The Pooh Society held in S15 at 4pm on Saturday 7th February 1998

Present: Brian, Ben, Rob, Tony, Alison, Stephen, Michael
Apologies: Yasmin

  1. After much playing Connect 4, the meeting is finally opened by Ben at 4:15pm. We are impressed with the Pooh stamp that arrived at the meeting and made its mark on every available piece of paper.

  2. Vote to censure the normal membership (Granny, Vicky the treasurer,...) for failing to turn up  F3 A1 A1.

  3. Vote to allow Michael to vote  F2 A3 A1.

  4. Someone suggests a vote to confiscate the Connect 4 game, which is disrupting the meeting, but the game is put away and the vote is cancelled.

  5. Michael bribes Ben with 2p and in this way becomes a member of the society.

  6. We all sing Cottleston Pie, as is traditional at the A.G.M., except for Rob who plays the flute.

  7. People complain that the A.G.M. has been badly organised this year. In fact, we vote that this is the worst organised A.G.M. in recent history. Unanimous.

  8. Ben goes off to the computer room in search of minutes, but this only adds to the confusion. Meanwhile, the secretary takes the chair.

  9. Which reading should we have? We decide on  In which Eeyore has a birthday and gets two presents.

  10. Vote to censure Anthony for being unusually rude during the reading F3 A2 A2.

  11. Granny arrives ridiculously late. His pathetic excuse is that hes been Racheld.  Vote to censure Rachel for keeping Granny occupied when he should have been at the A.G.M.  F4 A0 A2.

  12. There is a discussion of strange people in Selwyn Gardens.  It is still possible to bump into a stranger on the stairs and then find that he actually lives there.

  13. Granny cuts his cake into 9 pieces. There is plenty of other food too, including battenburg and the usual Jaffa Cakes. We even have a teapot but it turns out to be rather too small and not really a teapot at all.

  14. Musical equipment is provided, and we listen to a Blue Danube Radio recording.

  15. Vote to thank the president for representing us in the international media  F5 A0 A2.

  16. Vote that Pooh should come home ie. should return from America to England  F6 A0 A1.

  17. Vote to rusticate Anthony  F2 A2 A3. The obvious visitor is Brian, and he says yes to rustication. Admittedly Anthony has been particularly silly and anti-Pooh during this meeting. Any more of this next week and Anthony could be in serious trouble.

  18.   Battenburg is devoured and we make more tea.

  19. There is a Jesus contingent report read out. Its not very long but its more than we have from our other chapters.

  20. Rob reads the minutes but hes in a rush so he reads them too quickly for us to understand.

  21. Dave Henderson appears several times in the minutes of last week's meeting. He shall, however, only appear once in these minutes.

  22. At last Rob leaves. Now we can start on the serious business.

  23. It is said that Disney go for quantity not quality. Not unlike Jehovahs Witnesses.

  24. Vote to censure Granny for making references to Emily  F1 A6 A0. Sorry Ben.

  25. There follows a lengthy discussion of the Disney corruption of Pooh characters. They have even introduced completely new characters, which we feel is most disturbing. This leads on to the concept of fronts, large fronts in particular.

  26. We hear that Sheila (spit) are organising a cross-dressing formal hall and other bizarre activities.

  27. PoohSoc believes that the results of Disney are atrocious but would like to commend them for bringing Pooh to the attention of the masses. Oh yes, and the Tiggers are rather nice. Vote: F7 A0 A1.

  28. Ben gets out some more correspondence. It appears that we have made a GAC allocation claim of £5. This is a somewhat smaller claim then certain other less important societies have made. Ben also brings out the P.B.A.M. - cheaper than seventeen grand - campaign posters. Pooh Awareness week is scheduled to start in two weeks time. We also see a Smarties letter, in

  29. which it is explained that Piglet is particularly fond of orange smarties. Some people are not too keen on the idea of this letter, so there is  a vote to disallow the representation of PoohSoc in the letter: F4 A1 A2. All those references to PoohSoc will have to be removed, Ben.

  30. The elections begin and there is much excitement. Rob and Tony are nominated for all posts of the committee. Jenny is nominated for Treasurer, Alison and Anthony are nominated for Foreign Sec, Alison is nominated for UnderSecretary, Granny is nominated for secretary, while Ben is of course nominated for President.

  31. Firstly there are hustings for the post of Treasurer. There is little to discuss and Jenny is soon elected as Treasurer.

  32. Next we have to consider the post of Foreign Secretary. After endless ranting and indecision, we finally decide to elect Tony as our Foreign Sec.

  33. Alison is elected to the post of UnderSecretary.

  34. Ben husts for Granny, because it seemed to work last time. Sure enough, Granny is elected to the post of Secretary.

  35. Rob husts for the post of President, but is unable to compete with Ben, who is quite clearly the best president the Society has had in recent history. Ben is duly elected to the post of President.

  36. To keep Rob happy we decide to create a new post. Not a committee post, of course. Several suggestions are made but we decide on Minister without Female Development, a position that is clearly not available to Rachel Dixon. The duties of the Minister without Female Development are to promote anti-sexism within PoohSoc, and to promote greater female activity. Vote to create the post:  F5 A1 A1.

  37. Rob is nominated for the above post. Vote to elect Rob to the post of Minister without Female Development  F6 A1 A0.

  38. Vote to have a trial next week  F3 A2 A2. It is not clear exactly who will be on trial, but I'm sure well be able to find someone...

  39. Vote to allow Michael to become Tigger  F1 A3 A3. Motion is defeated, but then he is hardly a regular attender. The meeting dissolves into a game of Connect 4.

  40. Vote to close this bloody meeting, it being somewhat past 6pm by now F3 A4 A0. Ben is worried by this and organises an emergency committee meeting in order to close the A.G.M. The committee is unable to make a decision, but Brian makes it for them and the meeting is closed.

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