Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 11/11/2000 in The Inner Parlour

Present : Martin, Owen, Richard, Ian, Jenny, Ben, Claire, Rosie

Apologies : Yasmin, Rosie, Andrew, Debbie, Mary

  1. It's 4:20 p.m. and we are still not quorate for an EGM since (4/18)*100 < 33 => not quorate.

  2. We finally have enough people at 4:30.

  3. Jenny opens the extraordinary general meeting.

  4. Reading: A thought.

  5. Votes to have lots of recounts in the elections: Passed.

  6. We give things to Claire.

  7. We now have society testaments.

  8. Rosie pops in saying she will only be here briefly.

  9. We find the hidden agenda.

  10. Votes to completely ignore the agenda: Failed.

  11. Owen's correspondence from Heffers is read out.

  12. Owen's letter he has written to the people who run the dome is read out.

  13. Votes to congratulate Owen on his letter and mandate him to send it. Never even seconded.

  14. Minutes of 4/11/00 are read by Rosie (and I thought she said she was only popping in briefly).

  15. Votes to tick off the clock for not going to lectures: Passed.

  16. Minutes of the committee meeting held 5/11/00 are read out by Owen.

  17. Minutes of the committee meeting held 5/11/00 are read out by Ben.

  18. Treasurers always hit secretaries.

  19. Votes to make the people who are elected to positions and don't skip this meeting skip round the nearest court of Pembroke college or other suitable alternative at the next meeting in which they are present: Passed.

  20. Elections

  21. A legal challenge of the above election is then proposed, seconded and passed.

  22. Christopher Robin

  23. Votes to censure RON for not turning up to meetings: Passed.

  24. Pooh:

  25. Tigger:

  26. Roo:

  27. Jenny husts for Martin, Owen husts for Roo and Martin husts for RON (while being out of the room since he was also a candidate).

  28. Votes that "Roo has to ask for permission before slipping into Kanga's pocket" Passed.

  29. The election produces a tie between Martin and RON, unfortunately a revote (as required by the constitution) between Martin and RON is not taken, therefore the rest of the election for this post is constitutionally invalid.

  30. Votes to let a visitor decide the tie: Passed.

  31. Votes to censure Jenny for being a horrible bully: Passed.

  32. Claire "I don't (something or other that is unreadable but looks like "out in") jumping in my pouch".

  33. Ben - "And you'll have to scrub him down and give him a bath every night". (I would just like to bring peoples attention to chapter VII in the old testament: where it is in fact Piglet who is given a bath by Kanga. In fact at one point in this chapter Piglet is bouncing up and down in Kanga's pocket while Rabbit picks up Roo).

  34. The visitor decides to appoint the Queen as Roo thus making the election even more invalid in the eyes of the constitution.

  35. Martin is made Roo in residence, he then resigns, it is then realised the post was never created in the first place.

  36. Captain of Poohsticks - to be appointed by trial: Passed.

  37. Coastguard:

  38. Piglet in residence

  39. Narrator in residence

  40. Rosie leaves (and we thought she was only going to be here briefly).

  41. Constitution changes.

  42. Lots of people interrupt the constitution changes.

  43. Where's the James - there he is.

  44. Jenny is gonna have some.

  45. Votes to accept the constitution changes: Passed by the required amount.

  46. Votes to close: passed.

  47. Next weeks meeting in H1.

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