Minutes of the Elevenses meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society held on Saturday 7th October 2006, at 4pm, in room N7, Pembroke College

Beka, Andy rew, Mr Sanders, Giles
Guests: Gemma, Denise, Rob, Sara, Alex, Hannah Bob, Caroline, Mischa, Alex (Beetle), Andy, Californian Girl of Mystery, Tom, Bink, and quite possibly others
Apologies: Jack, Rosie, Naath

1. Squash starts
2. Milk fetched (for tea)
3. Water fetched (for tea)
4. Naked German tourists threaten Sweden's moose population
5. Or possibly meese, which Lukshmi Prefers
6. Vote to allow guests to vote (using whichever body part one chooses): Passed
7. President appears- He's just finished work. As usual
8. More traditional reading proposed
9. Post of Christopher Robin discussed
10. Vote for being able to vote for anything: 
11. Vote for eating a Celebration (Caroline): Hung- must ask Jack (not present)
12. James thinks he should discuss who wants their roles, but away next weekend [Editor's note: May also read "squiggle squiggle blip"- phone cameras are rubbish, and minutes shouldn't be taken on non-portable whiteboards]
13. The Queen is a member, but doesn't count
14. An Alex appears (also known as Alexander, who phoned)
15. Spontaneous outburst of reading, explaining about Rabbit's friends, and relations the significance of Alexander (beetle) [you aren't supposed to understand minutes]
16. More water brought (presumably for more tea)
the kettle is in "ON" mode
17. The queen knows she's a member (but is mean and come to the Garden Party?
18. The king is in a royal tent in the middle of the mess
19. New Testament Chap 3 Reading - (in which a search is organdised and blah blah (and Piglet meets the Heffalump again
20. James is quite embarrassing
20a. Andy has a goatee
21. Alex aka Alexander hurries [not Hume...] out
22. Alex aka Alexander returns to remove chocolate biscuits
23. Vote to close meeting: Carried

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