Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society, Saturday 14th October 2006.

Present: Gemma, Rosie, Andrew, Tasha, Anna aka Californian Girl of Mystery, Sarah, Jack, Elliot, Rachel aka Roo, Lillian.

4.06pm. - Meeting opens.
4.09 –Rosie says something.
Poohlevy: Paid by Rosie, Tasha, Sarah, Californian Girl of Mystery.
4.14 – People want to be added to the discuss list.
Rosie doesn’t need to talk to someone about her hard drive.
4.20 – Rosie recalls two busloads of Japanese tourists in Beatrix Potter’s house. Re-enactment of shuffling experiences. Anna glows.
4.25 – Jack appears. So does Elliot. Jack forgot to bring a mug, but brought fudge.
4.30 – Vote on cake eating matters. Also on fudge. Seconded, passed.
4.33 – Jack wants to be as far behind as possible in the queue for punishment by Lukshmi.
4.35 – Anna shouldn’t be allowed to cut cake. Not hoovered, that’s not the point. Gemma was hoovered last week. It gets in Rosie’s way. Wendy doesn’t really say anything.
4.35 – Rachel arrives. Anna is Anna and she likes apples.
4.39 – Tasha is a real person, definitively, although there is nothing to say Andy is not mass hysteria.
If you square someone on the imaginary axis you get someone on the real axis. Rosie doesn’t get entirely confused. Jack doesn’t get a lot of things.
4.44 – Swallowing lab chemicals is bad. Mathmos don’t have any skills, but seem to survive.
4.45 – Lillian arrives.
4.49 – Anna has to write lots of essays, especially in biology. She is in danger of being the Californian Girl of Mystery forever.
4.50 – Gemma’s computer should be alive. Jack does not under any circumstances divide by zero. This may be the Tunguskan (?) mistake. Explosive is a good description, with most chemicals. Well, no one was asking him to anyway.
4.53 – Last week’s minutes are read by Californian Girl of Mystery.
4.54 – Dave Henderson - “Write that down!”
Rosie upsets all the foreigners in the ram. Jack says “no”.
Mrs Fisher used to be quite a nice bloke. Nicknames aren’t as inventive as they were.
4.58 – Rosie proposes to censure someone for Pythoning. Seconded. We have to vote on it now.
4 in favour, 2 against, 1 abstention – Carried.
4.59 – Mustard, Dave Henderson – “Write that down!”. He’s spiralling out of control.
Votes for censuring Neil. Seconded, Carried. He’s some sort of church worker, when Jack last saw him.
5.02 – The original manuscripts are infinity. Or maybe in Trinity.
Someone notices it is the 80th anniversary of Pooh. Why is Californian Girl of Mystery always wanting to know when books are written?
5.05 – A disturbingly animated conversation about really awful books ensues.
5.06 – Yes! Yes! Yes! Right, OK. (Rosie is sorry).
Dave has a bigger car, and sofas make life complicated, so long as no one opens a door in the stairs. Well. That would be silly.
5.08 – Jack doesn’t do what he ought. Rachel does a phd. Sloshing chemicals depends where you work.
5.11 – A cable is a No. 2. Reading proposed. Chapter 1, In Which We Are Introduced to Winnie the Pooh and Some Bees, and the Stories Begin.
5.36 – Vote for Jack to “fall over”- what Rosie said. Seconded, Failed.
5.37 – Two parrots joke told. No one gets it. Two fish joke gets awkward laughter.
It’s usually Ben’s thought, unless it’s more alliterative.
Clause whatever-it-is isn’t 55 any more. Where does the delegating stop?
Clause 55 is dangerous – please don’t invoke it.
Rachel doesn’t send enough postcards lately.
Arranging the posting of the postcard would probably be sufficient.
5.45 – Jack – “moo” (impersonating a highland cattle, or possibly cow).
5.50 – Californian Girl of Mystery spontaneously recites a poem – “Hoppity”.
No one knows why.
Rachel and Rosie perform poem from memory – “James James Morrison’s Mother”. Possibly they feel threatened.
5.53 – Californian Girl of Mystery tips Celebrations and books into bins. Vote for commending Californian Girl of Mystery on her swift action in rescuing the books – Carried.
5.54 – Vote to close – Seconded, Carried.

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