Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh society held on 28-10-2006 at 4 Fitz Street, in the kitchen.

16:26 The assembly moves to the kitchen, where there are chairs.
16:28 Alexander takes over the minuting.
16:29 It is queried as to whether the meeting has actually started.
16:31 The stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh in the window thinks of a lovely little song (or rather, the song comes to him) but as he cannot talk, he is unable to share it with the rest of us.
16:32 Lukshmi declares that the meeting has already begun.

Present: Owen, Lisa, Lukshmi, Andy, Californian Girl of Mystery, Alexander (Beetle), yellow stuff (briefly until it moves), Jack, Lillllian, extra space before Lilllllllian
Apologies: Giles

16:36 Andy discovers a squiggle on Alex’s milk bottle, and Lisa discovers that his first name is Jonathan.
1 Owen steals the minutes and switches numbering systems
2 Jack arrives as we are passing the green tea around the table and inhaling it in turn. “Have you considered not doing so it comes highly recommended by people of different nationalities” – Jack
3 Votes not to inhale tea – failed
4 Jack forgotten he’s Secretary, which is not. He claims the previous vote is passed and asks me to record so. Duly recorded.
5 We are still allowed to inhale tea.
6 Votes to let visitors vote – passed unless visitors votes count in which case it was hung as Owen votes against.
7 Whatever that motion was it was hung.
8 Another vote – uncounted. Lukshmi decides it’s failed.
9 You can only have a small piece of cake, because Californian Girl of Mystery (CGM apparently) wants it to be a nice half.
10 Apparently we’ll be sure what happens if I minutes (I’ll stop rolling around the floor laughing soon).
11 James has testaments in Queens. He’s rubbish. Votes to censure for prancing round Queens looking important – carried.
12 Votes that Alex should go to Queens – carried
13 Does anyone know whether the motion passed. We suppose the secretary should know. So who is the secretary?
14 Votes that someone should Alex go to Queens porters take them by the collar and say “give me the books or else” – carried
15 Lillllllllian arrives
16 That vote for carried, which is nice, whatever it was
17 If you go to the plodge and say you’re from poohsoc they’ll give it to you. Where’s the James?
18 Commend him in his absence – carried
19 Votes to censure Andy only – carried
20 Lisa’s always up for censuring Owen
21 Votes to censure Owen – carried
22 “Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, something, something, something, Orange”
23 As under-pooh you have to hum it too – carried
24 Which would you rather be over or under eeyore?
25 hmmmm cayke
26 Jack finds controlling people is fun however you do it
27 Lukshmi is kicking Andy in a hammering motion. It’s called footsy apparently.
28 cf 22 “tiddle-um, tiddle-um, tiddle-um, something about books”
29 Owen pays his membership. Longest serving paying member – yay!
30 Pooh-levies everyday as a daily tax
31 MCG or CGM. What about MGC, CMG GMC, GCM?
32 Lots of people christened Jack are called Jack
33 The Wrong honourable James Lloyd “the James” James
34 Sheila (spit)
35 Ed who? Mad Ed? 
36 Owen generally has logistical issues with stealing the minutes
37 The time is 17.05
38 Jack’s wrist isn’t working
39 The time is innovative. Jack likes it.
40 Andy should climb out of the window and scare him - passed
41 Captain Chocoholixx Anonomous arrives and feeds random people chocolate (ie us)
42 I should write down whatever I like apparently. Wheee fun!
43 It’s Jack’s fault – passed
44 It’s Owen’s vibes – passed
45 What’s happened to Lukshmi’s competent friends. She should chain them up somewhere so they weren’t go away.
46 There were million’s of freshers a couple of weeks ago. Where are they all? There not here … except the ones that are here … who are here.
47 The freshers have gone off apparently, so not very fresh anymore.
48 We serenade Alex with his hum. For some definition of “serenade”.
49 Alex wants a nearly mug and a nearly cup of tea. He changes his mind and decides he wants nearly not to have a mug and nearly not to have any tea in it.
50 Jack and CGM are a bit rusty
51 We have an extra person who we didn’t have a minute ago.
52 There’s a lot happening at this meeting looking at this lot. You’d never tell by being here though.
53 Context (no longer completely devoid now…)
54 The window is disturbing
55 Discrimination against fat people. Support of child labour. That’s what all burgerlerglers need nowadays.
56 Reading: Old Testament, Chapter 6: In which Eeyore has a Birthday and gets Two Presents
57 Alex didn’t shoot an innocent, he stabbed him.
58 Stabbing people with Lions
59 Alex has a binary watch. Is he a compsci then?
60 Will Alex run away and stick his head down a whole if we say all say hush to him.
61 Censure Andy for hitting Pooh – passed
62 We confuse Alex with books.
63 Multiple people run away.
64 Votes to commend Captain Chocoholixx Anonomous for a good Piglet – passed
65 The minutes say so, it must be true.
66 Deathwatch beetle knocks at the door. “Come in” – Jack. “We don’t want any today thanks” – Jack
67 If you squeeze it the honey might come out
68 Methods of coming down stairs – bump, bump, bump
69 Lack of confusing punctuation
70 There’s lots of different sorts of “alloweds to”
71 There’s nothing wrong at all with being wanted.
72 Owen and Lisa runs away. The minutes are reclaimed.
18:00 Vote to close the meeting. 3 for, 2 against, 2 abstentions, carried. The meeting is closed.
18:02 Discussion of the identity of Racoon and general Assassins guild matters.
18:04 Capt. Chocoholixxs reveals that all members of PetMaf are either wanted or dead, while Lukshmi and Lillian discuss Queens’ Ents and poor indie bands.
18:07 An innocent sperm whale totally fails to materialise several miles above the meeting.
18:08 CGM reveals that she ate a banana that had been poisoned with a nut.
18:10 Beetle and Capt Choc. continue to discuss the A. G. while Lukshmi and Lillian attempt to balance coloured chocolate wrappers on the stuffed Pooh’s head.
18:12 There are about 700 new people in the AG, and probably between 2300 and 3000 members in total.
18:13 Silliness is dying out among Cambridge students.
18:14 CGM suggests putting down that you were Kanga in the WtP soc on your CV.
18:16 Capt. Chocoholixxs explains how CICCU and AG go well together.
18:17 There is some Nippon ant powder on the rear windowsill.
18:17 CGM leaves.
18:18 CGM returns.
18:19 WtP is untied from a kitchen chair.
18:19 CGM wishes the rest of us farewell.
18:20 A butterfly in Peru flaps its wings in such a way as to cause an earthquake in the 2030s, somewhere near the Pacific.
18:21 Alexander fetches his brown FCUK flee

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