Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society
Saturday 4 November 2006 – 7 Tennis Court Terrace

Giles, Rachel H, Alex (Beetle), GMC, Lisa, Andrew, Alex’s Sister (Beetle) (didn’t catch her name), Carl, various other Beetles

Apologies: Lukshmi, Jack

1. After the usual discussions of how to open a meeting, someone eventually gives in and declares it open.
2. Alex didn’t buy us cake at Fitzbillies 10 minutes ago. Instead he has written us a menu to choose from.
3. The sheep woman isn’t there
4. Rachel thinks Alex might have just offered us a tricycle. Unfortunately this turns out not to be the case.
5. Long discussion over milk bottle colours. In the US you have to actually read the label.
6. They’re the wrong way round in France
7. There’s a hole in his teapot.
8. A vote – carried (but not for anything in particular)
9. We should have this one instead of that one – carried
10. Alex and Rachel pay pooh levies
11. Vote to let visitors vote – carried
12. We need an EGM soon. Having all agreed on this fact we swiftly move on lest we actually set a date.
13. hmmmmmm Chocolate biscuits
14. Giles has a poohsoc mug, except he hasn’t
15. Giles goes on a mission for Rachel.
16. Rachel’s fridge is online
17. Owen doesn’t work in Hawaii (lucky I just read that… almost went there by mistake)
18. The minutes are authoritative so it doesn’t matter whether they are actually true or not.
19. The minutes are very interesting and should be read twice daily.
20. Mustard
21. Dave Henderson is mentioned. That’s 10 years now – a rare honour.
22. Comparing your memory to the minutes is a bad idea. It just shows how bad your memory is.
23. Alex has an invisible chair
24. Lisa magically disappears just before walking through the door
25. We should put Jam all over Carl’s car. If it’s strawberry or raspberry it will be red – hence still legal.
26. Giles runs away muttering apologies for next week’s meeting as he goes
27. Andrew attempts to claim that he can’t be Pooh, as he hasn’t got a book, in spite of the huge pile of them on the table. Somehow he manages to get away with it.
28. Reading: New Testament Chapter 5 – “In which Rabbit has a busy day and we find our what Christopher Robin does in the mornings”
29. Apparently a Piglet and a Tigger will be arriving soon.
30. The room is full of Beetles
31. Votes to read Rosie (Beetle) a storey – Alex’s sister (Beetle) reads the Old Testament Chapter 8 “In Which Christopher leads an Expoitition to the North Pole” and gradually coaxes people into reading the parts.
32. Haddock is a much better name than Hamlet
33. Votes to close: carried

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