Minutes of Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held in I1 at St. Catharine's College at 4pm 11th November 2006

Present: Californian Girl of Mystery, Cat, Sara, Giles, Jack, Lukshmi, Andy

1. Meeting opens.
2. Vote on letting visitors vote. For 2 Against 0 Passed.
3. Voting system in disarray as Cat elects to cut cream cakes, which never existed.
4. Are two halves of different non-existent cream cakes the same as the whole of one non-existent cream cake?
5. We need an EGM soon. Possibly next week.
6. Motion to commend Cat for her theatre work. For 3 Against 1 (Because Giles is mean and doesn't like thesps) Abstentions 0 Passed.
7. Giles likes tea in all forms. His hands are surprisingly warm.
8. Cat is slightly worrying.
9. You can't get Weil's disease in Winter.
10. Californian Girl of Mystery was maybe going to say something about five minutes ago.
11. Vote on Giles coating everything he owns in fur. For 3 Against 1 Abstentions 2 Passed.
12. Vote on the society being ridiculously bureaucratic. For 2 Against 1 Abstentions 3 Passed. (Cat has thrown a tantrum).
13. Californian Girl of Mystery calls a dummy something dumb (a pacifier, for the record).
14. We may have a Christmas Party.
15. Reading minutes is taking a long time. Giles takes over.
16. Lukshmi arrives. Receives purple fur from Giles.
17. Cat throws another tantrum.
18. Giles is looking at Jack.
19. Somebody should eat the cream cakes. For 3 Against 2 Abstentions 2 Passed.
20. Page Down is different on a Mac. But we're sure they're better overall.
21. Motion to commend Lupie. For 3 Against 1 Abstentions 3 Passed.
22. Everyone is confused about relationships.
23. Jack finds it amusing and doesn't want it to go away.
24. It makes very sense to the Californian Girl of Mystery.
25. Motion to commend the Assassins for killing CICCU. CICCU got Giles killed. For 4 Against 0 Abstentions 2 Passed. 
26. Sara sneaks out in what she probably imagines is a surreptitious manner.
27. Reading: In Which it is Shown that Tiggers Don't Climb Trees. New Testament Chapter 4.
28. Motion to censure Giles for being a frog. For 4 Against 1 Abstentions 1 Passed.
29. “By the way, is there any more tea?” - Jack.
30. Giles should get his teapot back from the Machin Room. Passed.
31. Lukshmi should be given a pole and beat us until something happens. Failed (numerous votes against).
32. Cat squeaks for the record.
33. Geannette's bath was sabotaged by the 3in1. (Not the Holy Trinity).
34. Meeting Closed.

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