Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society
Saturday 18 November 2006 – S9 Queens’ College

Present: Owen, Lisa, Giles, CGI, Lukshmi, Jack

Not Present: Lukshmi

Apologies: Lukshmi

1. Giles realises we have quorum and declares the meeting open
2. Lisa pays her Pooh levy
3. By “Table” Giles means “Plastic Box”
4. If we don’t save a chocolate cup cake for Lukshmi, she’ll hurt Giles. He hides one before we are able to attempt to eat them all.
5. Jack enjoys getting hurt (see last week)
6. Crushing beetles for their blood
7. Lukshmi arrives and rejects the Lukshmi cup cake
8. We should refer to MPC as “the council” from now on – carried
9. Giles rings various numbers involving 6s, 9s and 0s in an attempt to get Andy
10. Intermission

11. A-ha a sneaky 2
12. Giles reads about Turkeys when not blowing stuff up
13. The council’s thanksgiving
14. Rhubarb sounds scary
15. The minutes from the meeting on 4 November 2006 are read.
16. Votes to censure Alex (beetle) for not buying as the cake he promised us 2 weeks ago – carried
17. Votes to censure Lukshmi for being annoying – Hung (CR decides for when he releases she’ll hurt him for it)
18. The little silver balls you put on cakes have pigs living in them
19. Regulation – it’s a Californian thing
20. The governator got reelected
21. There is something about Owen sitting next to you saying “read… read…. Read…”
22. Lukshmi informs us she’s not here
23. Jack’s house is quite tall, especially as we are already on the 4th floor
24. Lukshmi is lazy – carried
25. Giles thinks he has one clean mug left. However Lukshmi wants a mug which is actually clean. Giles goes to get one of his neighbour’s.
26. £6.43 (don’t ask me I only wrote it down)
27. Somebody read the minutes – carried
28. Somebody should read the minutes – carried
29. Minutes from 11 November 2006 are read
30. The EGM will be next term, by which point it might as well be an AGM
31. Uncomfortable silence. This doesn’t last long as Giles decides it should be filled with Dave Henderson.
32. Meeting yourself
33. “Oh pants. What have I said I’d do with you” – Giles
34. Driving around getting drunk and looking for fisherman
35. Jack is someone else
36. “You could indulge in a monetary transaction in which someone else does all the grudge work and you have all the pie” - Jack
37. No American should go anywhere near Wigan
38. Uncle Joe’s Balls
39. The council has 6,000 hammers in her closet
40. Blacksmithing Hamsters
41. Alex can only have tea if he gives us a tricycle – carried
42. Alex has tea.
43. Votes to censure Alex for not giving us a tricycle – carried
44. Reading – New Testament Chapter VIII “ In which Piglet does a Very Grand Thing”
45. Giles apologies for next week
46. Alex doesn’t look like he’d be at Lucy Cavendish, but we wouldn’t like to make assumptions
47. Any key fits the lock – it must be a skeleton lock!
48. Men don’t mind being attacked in the middle of the night
49. “hmmm sheep” – Giles
50. Alex has scissors and paper and now just needs a stone
51. Giles advises Owen to use next doors bathroom on the basis that these ones aren’t nice for ladies to use
52. Alex appears to be cutting out a paper train but refuses to comment.
53. Lukshmi sucks all of Giles’ resources
54. Giles’ computer is no longer held together with duct tape – it is now held together with superglue
55. On that note we vote to close before the meeting is held together the same way – carried.

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