Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society meeting

Held on Saturday 25th December 2006 in Oldham Hall common room, Lucy Cavendish College

Present: owen, cgm, lisa, lukshmi, giles, sal & holly

me: have you got the minutes from 25th November?
we're supposed to be reading them
Sent at 16:41 on Saturday
Lukshmi: I guess cgm isn't there?
I don't believe I do
me: yse she is
Lukshmi: does she know if anyone was minuting that time?
it was the one at lucy
Sent at 16:44 on Saturday
me: ok, shall i give the above as the complete minutes for that meeting?
Lukshmi: uh, sure
me: tell you what, we'll take a vote on it
Lukshmi: does she remember who was there?
me: owen, cgm, lisa, you, giles, sal & holly
Lukshmi: mk
me: mk? what?
Lukshmi: ok :P

from the minutes of the meeting on Saturday 20th January 2007:

5:52 The presentation by Beetle of a paper tricycle to the society has been omitted from the minutes of the 25th of November as given above, but Owen might have some more complete minutes from that meeting anyway.

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