Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Annual General Meeting held on the 16th February 2002 in N7.

Present : Owen, Martin, Roz, Richard, Andrew, Rosie, Neil, Debbie, Ian (with another group of people in formal hall)

Apologies : Jenny

  1. Andrew reads the minutes from the Poohsoc meeting held on the 02/02/02

  2. We're passing minutes around.

  3. Debbie arrives

  4. Jenny's going to stand for Christopher Robin

  5. Claire's cheque for a T-shirt has expired

  6. Elections for President
    Owen (elected)

  7. Owen doesn't have a speech.

  8. Votes to mandate Andrew to find Owen: Passed

  9. Votes to censure Owen for skipping around a green not a courtyard: Passed

  10. Votes to commend the cashbox for gaining interest: Passed

  11. A spoilt motion to do with cashboxes and interest.

  12. Neil tries to hust and gets picked on some more. He claims to be able to add and type.

  13. Votes to allow Neil to skip back to his room to fetch rum, minutes and wine: Passed

  14. Votes to commend Andrew for catching the biscuits: Passed

  15. Election for Treasurer:
    Neil (Elected)

  16. Rosie reads the pancake minutes.

  17. Votes for Neil to be the society devilair: Passed

  18. Martin offers to stand for secretary.

  19. Election for Secretary:
    Martin (Elected)

  20. Pooh can do backflips.

  21. Election for Christopher Robin:
    Jenny (Elected)

  22. Reading/husting: A modified If I where King.

  23. Votes to censure Jenny for copying Jenny's hustings: Passed

  24. Votes to let Jenny skip at a later date: Passed

  25. Election for Under Secretary:
    Ron (Elected)

  26. Neil is glad no-one seconded it: Passed

  27. Election for Foreign Secretary
    Rosie (Elected)

  28. Votes to commend Pooh on touching his toes: Passed

  29. Andrew is the first to congratulate the new Foreign Secretary.

  30. Votes for more elections then a discussion: Passed

  31. Election for James
    Andrew (Elected)

  32. Election for Eeyore
    Owen (Elected)

  33. Votes that Owen should skip around the court again: Failed

  34. Election for Wol
    Neil (Elected)

  35. Election for Under secretary
    Roz (Elected)

  36. Election for Kanga
    Roz (Elected)

  37. We discuss the changes to the constitution (see separate sheet)

  38. We donate the biscuits to Andrew since he can't come to formal hall.

  39. We sing Cottleston pie

  40. The loyal toast

  41. Owen gives us a speech

  42. We sing Cottleston pie again

  43. Votes to call Martin "Oh great secretary who knows the constitution so well" from now on: Passed

  44. Trials for Captain of Poohsticks will be held.

  45. Next weeks meeting in the Graduate cafe at 2pm.

  46. Votes that Roz has to sing the minutes: Passed

  47. We play table football

  48. Ducks have more rights than students at Emmanuel.

  49. Votes to commend Debbie on the biscuits: Passed

  50. Neil is trying to get Roz drunk.

  51. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  52. Votes to censure Roz for not being censured as much as Neil: Failed

  53. Al-the-alcoholic goat.

  54. Minutes of poohsoc meeting on 09/02/02 are read by Roz

  55. Votes to censure Neil for bad grammar: Hung

  56. Votes to censure Owen at some point: Passed

  57. Votes to commend Martin on spoiling his ballot: Hung

  58. Votes to censure Neil for contradicting the minutes: Passed

  59. Neil's own little world contains elephants, and he is commended for this.

  60. We're all trying to get Roz drunk.

  61. Votes to censure Roz for saying silly things in the minutes: Passed

  62. Votes to commend Roz for censuring herself: Failed

  63. Votes to censure Neil for not pointing out Owen is knicker obsessed: Passed

  64. Votes to censure Neil for misquoting the testaments: Passed

  65. Reading: Furry bear : Owen

  66. Reading: Roz : The three foxes

  67. We can censure him for anything because he's Neil: Passed

  68. The president say's so, so it must be true: Passed

  69. Official society position...

  70. ...called the Neil, that must be censured 20 times a meeting: Failed

  71. Votes to censure Neil again: Passed

  72. Neil has to censure himself: Passed

  73. Votes to censure Neil proposed by Neil: Failed

  74. Votes to censure Neil for Failing to censure himself: Passed

  75. Votes that Neil is too slow: Passed

  76. Votes to commend Neil: Failed.

  77. Reading: In the Dark: Owen

  78. Maybe it's just Owen: Passed

  79. Reading: Lines and Squares: Roz

  80. Reading: Rice pudding: Owen

  81. We're not foolish: Passed

  82. Reading: Wrong house: Owen

  83. Reading: Summer afternoon: Roz

  84. Votes to censure Neil for reading non-pooh related material: Passed

  85. Reading: Vespers : Owen/Roz

  86. Reading: The End: Owen

  87. How we where born

  88. Reading: The engineer : Owen

  89. Reading: The knight who's armour didn't squeak : Roz/Owen

  90. Roz knows about steal.

  91. Ancient students - over 75.

  92. It's concrete under the carpets in foundress, we checked.

  93. It's preposterous to own a cummerbund: Passed

  94. Martin should try being a girl for a day: Passed

  95. Votes to close: Passed

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