Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 08/03/2003 in V7, North court Jesus.

Present: Rachel, Martin, Owen, Rachel, Rosy, Jonathan, Jack, Adam, Dunstan, John-h and Mair.
Apologies: Roz, jenny, Neil, Naath (for lateness), Alison

  1. Meeting opened

  2. Other meeting closed

  3. Votes to censure all those not here who haven’t apologised. Passed

  4. English heritage are a pack of cards

  5. Votes to censure Rachel C for being late. Passed

  6. Tea is the best crumble. Passed

  7. Any questions regarding the chocolate Leibniz happened at 1:15 today

  8. Owen (on the bed) is "too busy drinking"

  9. After many dunkings it still wasn’t floppy

  10. We should be getting worried about something. Passed

  11. Votes to commend Owen for being such a good president and bringing us Kinder Surprises. Passed

  12. If no one else comes then we’re all allowed more than one. Failed

  13. Rachel wants someone to give her a surprise

  14. A little baby in an ice cream. Passed

  15. Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting held on the 01/03/2003 are read by Owen, Rachel, Jonathan, Rosy, Dunstan and Adam.

  16. Neil might not want to escape from Rachel’s bathroom; he might be enjoying himself.

  17. "Owen’s a bad President". Failed

  18. Votes to enclose Clause 57 in this weeks...

  19. Minute the rest of the minute in a minute (which reads): "on the floor for five minutes". Passed and vetoed.

  20. "Ha ha ha". Passed 6:1:0:1

  21. Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society pancakes meeting held on the 05/03/2003 are read by Mair, Owen, Rachel and Jack.

  22. "Our love was valueless". Passed

  23. "It’s a very bad president". Passed

  24. "Umm nyum nyum nyum!!" passed

  25. Votes to censure the James for not abstaining on that last motion. Passed (with no abstentions)

  26. "And that one" Passed

  27. "And the last one" Passed

  28. Votes to censure the James for failing to abstain the last motion and this one if she does (which she did) fail again. Passed

  29. YeeOW! Passed

  30. "That down."

  31. "Clean bowled" - Adam.

  32. "That would be the high fibre diet, oh bowled" - Dunstan. Passed.

  33. Letter to Sainsbury’s about the "Taste the difference washing up liquid" is read by Dunstan.

  34. "I think you should send it". 3:3:0:2 CR decides against.

  35. Votes to censure the Foreign Secretary of the Society for having other things to be getting on with. 4:4:0:1 CR decides for.

  36. Psychological Report on the Society by J.K. Holdforth is read by Jonathan.

  37. "We have to do something about all these people withdrawing what they said, it is truly catastrophic." Passed.

  38. "Gratias agibmus A.A. Milnei". Passed (unanimously)

  39. "Unfortunately there’s no rabbit for me to shake lovingly by the paw" - Adam.

  40. "He’s attacking my egg" Failed.

  41. Biscuit voting. Chocolate Leibniz vs. Ginger Biscuits. CL:3 GB:3 Abs:1

  42. We decide to vote again rather than giving CR his deciding vote straight away. CL:2 GB:2 Abs:2 Spoilt:1 That is John-h spoilt his previous vote for CL, thus allowing CR his deciding vote. CR ate one of each biscuit simultaneously but was still unsure so went on to eat a CL on its own and proceeded to the GB while fondling some Kinder Surprise toys in his hand. After some general banter and careful deliberation CR decides for GB. Ginger Biscuits therefore beat Chocolate Leibni.

  43. The website shall have an archive section and therefore this years winners of the biscuit competition will automatically be entered into next years competition.

  44. Votes to invoke Clause 61 on Owen. Passed (but not by a two-thirds majority)

  45. Owen’s got a pair of nice shiny testaments and John-h strokes one of them (thus the obligatory testament joke is made)

  46. Both Owen and Martin have 3 testaments each.

  47. Much deliberation over which story to read.

  48. "We could jump back and do the Heffalump" - Owen.

  49. We decide that in the absence of the official "Bing" we will all bing together and we read "In which Piglet meets a Heffalump"

  50. Narration will go clockwise missing every other person out. (NB: we only had three narrators - work it out)

  51. Rachel arrives and we now have 4 narrators and a complex system whereby Martin has to join the narrators is devised so that going clockwise and missing every other person does not cause exclusion and heartbreak.

  52. Next weeks meeting to be held in Owen’s room, Room 1, 3 Selwyn gardens.

  53. Jack’s mouth said something without him meaning it to and no sound came out.

  54. Ooh er.

  55. Jack is imagining Rachel jumping into a big vat of chocolate.

  56. "I have a thing with funny eyes" - Martin.

  57. I bet Jonathan took Queen Victoria

  58. "Anyone else for a last minute entry?" offered Owen.

  59. We vote on the twenty-one remaining Kinder Surprise toys that are assembled in a nice circle on the floor. Everyone has three votes. The joint winners are The Hammer, The Eggs and THE COG THING!!! We all vote again with one vote each and the results are, The Hammer: 0 The Eggs: 1 THE COG THING: 5. Hurrah!!!

  60. "Why not put them all in the archives?" Passed

  61. "Approximately A Wardi" 3:3:0 Owen announces the motion was carried, failed, hung. CR decides to carry and fail it, thereby spoiling the motion (possibly by giving it too many sweets when it was young)

  62. "Votes to close" abstained 0:0:3

  63. "Motes to close" failed 0:1:0

  64. Rachel thinks there was something in her Physic exam last year.

  65. Rachel is in the floor

  66. Rachel wants to know which sort of Latex to use

  67. The length of John-h’s pencil gets in the way as he minutes.

  68. John-h defends himself with the minutes as Rosy hurls a Kinder Surprise (between the eyes) at him. He thwacks it away and manages to get it in the bin.

  69. John-h is out of ammo.

  70. Votes to censure John-h for misuse of the Society Testaments. Passed unanimously.

  71. Martin and John-h want to do things to Rosy in the corner.

  72. Owen has a nice collection.

  73. More tea? Yes please.

  74. Perhaps jack had his mischievous way with them (Rosy’s shoe laces, that is)

  75. Turmeric

  76. "Turmeric is a good thing to quench hunger" Quote for the motion: "to be to not to be". Quotes against the motion: "this calls for immediate discussion" Quotes abstaining the motion "Clause 63". CR quotes for.

  77. Owen doesn’t mind being the King of France.

  78. Owen doesn’t want the King of France’s post, he gets enough mail on his own.

  79. "Teddy bear" is read by Rachel, Owen, John-h and Martin

  80. "Bad Sir Brian Botany" read by Owen, John-h and all (as villagers)

  81. "Sand between the toes" John-h

  82. "Disobedience" is read by Rosy, John-h, Owen and Rachel

  83. "Lines and Squares" is read by John-h, Rachel and Owen

  84. "Happiness" is read by John-h and Owen in various
    this this
    strange ways including alternating between different lines and different halves of the poem.

  85. "The End" is read oddly (and evenly) by Rachel and Martin

  86. "Now we are six" failed 0:1:0:2

  87. "We haven’t had the engineer" - Rachel

  88. "The engineer" - Rachel

  89. "Does the emperor of Peru have a part" - Rachel

  90. "The emperor’s rhyme"

  91. "I think I am a muffin" Passed

  92. "Busy" read by Martin

  93. "Noise by Pooh" read by John-h with all joining on last line repeats

  94. "If it was a hovercraft maybe she could hover on it." Hung 1:1:1:1 CR decides for.

  95. Votes to mandate John-h and Owen to finish that poem by next week. Passed

  96. "Poem" read by Owen

  97. "Limerick" recited by Rachel, written by her and her Mum.

  98. "Ooh er © Owen Barritt" 2:2:1 CR decides against

  99. John-h recites "Jonathan Waters met a tortoise"

  100. Rachel tries knife throwing towards Rosy.

  101. General cacophony (although he wasn’t invited because this is not a General Meeting.

  102. Rachel reads the Mathematical formulae front cover from the Cavendish.

  103. Rosy reads the ingrediments

  104. Martin reads inside the cover and dedication toNwA6

  105. Rosy hits Martin on the head with the testaments.

  106. Rosy hits on Martin with Owen’s testaments.

  107. That page

  108. Rosy says Owen has remarkable eyes.

  109. The Society bookmark is used so we all know our place in the Society.

  110. "I propose we close `our nose' with sand between our toes". Passed 3:0:0
  111. "Would Rose like to pose between my toes? She’d better close her nose!" John-h

  112. A clock isn’t a clock if it doesn’t have a battery in it.

  113. If John-h gets this piece of paper in that mug then Rosy has Martin as a slave for the rest of the week.

  114. John-h doesn’t get it in the mug

  115. "Naath hang on" passed 4:0:0

  116. "For is four" passed 3:2:0

  117. Owen, Martin, Rosy, John-h, Rachel, Mair.

  118. The list of people present should go in as minute 118.

  119. "Play Pooh Sticks in the samowa" Passed 3:1:0

  120. "10 to 9 is wrong" Passed 4:2:0

  121. "57 is more than twice 115" Hung 2:2:1 CR decides for

  122. "I propose that this meeting is closed" Failed 1:2:1

  123. Martin wonders what would have happened if we had passed that previous meeting.

  124. John-h leaves

  125. "We should close the meeting at some point in the future." Passed

  126. "John-h is now typing up the minutes." Passed

  127. A duty of the Home Secretary: Send a different postcard every month to the Society c/o President/Secretary/CR

  128. Will the president choke on a pretzel?

  129. "John-h can’t leave a meeting" Passed 2:0:0

  130. Owen’s eating the plate varied.

  131. Japanese rice cakes drenched in evaporated milk.

  132. "Any time soon" is opened

  133. Votes to close "any time soon", Passed

  134. "Owen likes being liked by Deans" John-h repeatedly.

  135. We will hold a memorial service for John-h’s phone in Memorial Court, Clare.

  136. "If John-h starts working through the ring tones on his phone then we’ll throw it (and him, if he’s holding it) into the moat." Passed

  137. Owen: Can you assist John-h in getting it down?

  138. "Votes to mandate Rachel to feel Martin’s thing" Failed

  139. "Everyone wants to feel Martin’s thing." Passed

  140. Rachel: Weezles and Sneezles

  141. Reading: In which It Is Shown That Tiggers Don’t Climb Trees

  142. Martin’s only got a small part.

  143. Votes to close: Passed

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