Minutes Of The Pasta Meeting

The Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh Society

19 March 2003

Present:Rachel, Dunstan, Rosy, Katie & Owen
Apologies:Rosie, Jenny & Roz
Minuted By:Roz & Owen
Held In:I Library Court 1 (and Kitchen), Jesus College, Cambridge.

  1. The meeting was probably opened at some point as there certainly seem to be minutes. However this fact doesn't appear to have been minuted, so we will never know...

  2. Dunstan's career plans involve panegyrical poetry to terrible tyrants

  3. Lets start cooking.

  4. Owen would prefer to have his second cup before his first one. Rachel provides him with the second half of it. He then has the middle three quarters of the first. The other quarter of the first and half of the second never made an appearance as everyone forgot about them and third, forth and fifth cups took their place.

  5. Rosy runs off to find something leaving the minutes all by themselves on the table. They look lonely. No one in the room is paying them any attention. The president notices them and the lure of them is just too much, he takes over meeting. No one tries to claim them back again, so he continues to do so for the rest of the meeting.

  6. 101 things to do with a wooden spoon.

  7. Owen says hello to everyone individually from Roz.

  8. Katie wants to know whether 0.2 is irrational.

  9. We need a decision

  10. "I swear the floor and the wrong sort of shoes will do awful things" - Katie

  11. Rachel has a high powered microwave, it can do long division in it's head.

  12. God is a hyperbola

  13. It's in the poohsoc minutes, therefore it's true

  14. Jamie is saucy

  15. The conversation moves onto Parmesan People and off them again. That is until Jamie claims to have been converted into Parmesan and we begin to wonder whether he might be one.

  16. The person on Owen's T-shirt is playing his nose, that's the persons nose not Owen's, as that would be silly.

  17. Folk dancers foresight

  18. Katie's dad is going to gag Rachel and put her in the boot.

  19. Votes to mandate Owen to build an onion house with his onions F:4, A:0, Ab:1 - carried.

  20. Votes to let visitors vote F:3, A:2, Ab:0 - carried

20.5    References:

  1. Dunstan asks whether anybody is going to eat any of the rice. Owen exclaims that we were just going to sit and look at it. This prompts Rosy to suggest sitting watching it congeal, which is promptly seconded (but only voted on after we'd eat the rice) F:2, A:4, Ab:0 - failed

  2. Rosy checks to see whether Owen is numbering the minutes in a decipherable way and discovers he is. He quickly takes steps to rectify this. This cunning plan almost backfires when he discovers that he's typing the minutes up not Rosy.

#*    Earlier today an MP did something that they previously said they were going to do. They were a member of poohsoc though which probably explains this strange phenomenon

~|    Anne Campbell has resigned

/\    The end of language as we know it

--~    "Chain me up, keep me in the kitchen, make me wear corsets, take the vote away from me" - Katie. Obviously Katie hasn't learnt about things being twisted into motions yet therefore we really had to demonstrate by seconding that and so we do. F:3, A:3, Ab:0 - hung. Visitor decides that he'd "better say no" and hence a narrow escape for Katie.

|    "I think an 0 with a slash through is called an eurh" - Dunstan
"oh" - Katie
"Not oh, eurh" - Dunstan
This then leads the conversation in python and so we vote to censure Katie & Rosy (being the main culprits) for talking about non pooh related material F:3, A:2, Ab: 1 - carried.

€$    The biscuits weren't grey the last time Rachel looked at them

:.    We discuss eating cake, someone suggests we should do it ``up there''. Owen spends a few minutes staring at the light fitting wondering how we are all going to fit before we explain to him that we actually meant in Rachel's room.

^é    Rachel wondered where the tomato sauce stains in her shower came from - it was Dunstan.

~;    Katie doesn't have a kitchen in the bath, because that would be too much fun

¿^    Dunstan's unblockable pipes

$    Dunstan's inflatable pipes

(?    What do we want... ...gradual change
When do we want it... ...in due course

@/    Henry's Henry, but it's really spelt with an i

  1. Back to unencoded minute numbering

  2. aleph 0

  3. Rachel's key is very nearly Fish

  4. Jars of pasta need to be clean before they can go kidnapping young children

  5. "knife" - Rosy
    "knifé" - Katie
    "knife" - Rosy
    "knifé" - Katie
    (we may want to censure the minute reader here if they don't pronounce these correctly)

  6. Chocolate cutlery for the soup.

  7. We wonder what the bible says about chocolate and sweet sticky substances in general.

  8. Meringues with cream, custard and mushrooms

  9. Dunstan reads the reply from Sainsbury's. We wonder which is the appropriate department for "Taste the difference" washing up liquid.

  10. There is a general consensus that we should have "Our Ref" and "Your Ref" on top of the letters we send. We vote on this idea F:5, A:0, Ab:0 - carried. Random strings of letters and numbers seem the best thing to use.

  11. Katie goes to conferences on how to launder money so that she will know how to avoid doing so.

  1. Katie is allergic to something in the cake. Just to make sure she doesn't eat it, it will jump up and bite her if she tries.

  2. One always says one doesn't one

  3. Katie wants to be a sign. This leads us to question whether we'd have to follow her across the desert. We're generally unsure about this, but nominate her for election anyway. Katie husts claiming to be white and square, but she only falls off Christopher Robin's door when she wants too. She goes to skip, after we declare IV staircase a court of Pembroke College F:5, A:0, Ab:0. Before elections are held we have a quick motion that we won't have to follow her across the desert if she gets elected - F:4 A:0 Ab:0 - carried. The election is held and Katie is duly elected.

  4. "Rosy would you help me out this hole" - Katie

  5. "You're welcome to a finger" - Dunstan

  6. Apparently someone is a bit like a terrorist (I almost wrote she's bit like a tourist by mistake, oops)

  7. Middle names Katie is Katherine Isabel while Dunstan is Dunstan Clement David. Pembroke is Pembroke Humperdinck College F:5, A:0, Ab:1 - carried

  8. Now we're getting silly Jamie understands

  9. Ely is further away if you walk there then it is if you cycle. Ely is also in Tom's Midnight Garden, he must have a big garden.

  10. Rosy's school's art budget got spent by the lower sixth form on jam and bacofoil

  11. Live lamps are apparently vicious. Rachel suggests tranquilising them, but Katie informs us they aren't like Rhinoceroses (or perhaps Rhinoceri?).

  12. If it doesn't commute it doesn't commute. In general matrices don't travel far to work.

  13. Dunstan claims to have been alive too long. Rosy offers to rectify the situation, but Dunstan declines.

  14. There is a * at the end of finest on the Tesco's boxes. We search for the footnote, perhaps it's a cunning ploy to make people search the whole packet. It's not going to work on us though, we're too clever for them!

  15. The search for the footnote recommences

  16. Votes to censure Dunstan for saying "ooo" instead of "ahh" F:6 A:0 Ab:0 - carried.

  17. Votes to censure Rosy for being late F:4, A:0, Ab:0 - carried. We then realise this is Rachel C's post and therefore we vote to censure Rosy for claiming someone else's post F:3, A:1, Ab:0 - carried.

  18. Create piglet out of sticky back plastic and an old yogurt pot.

  19. Pooh always gets Dunstan

  20. John is another name for Chris

  21. Reading Old Testament, Chapter VIII - "In Which Christopher Robin Leads An Expotition To The North Pole" as it's got lots of characters in and there aren't very many of us. Narration alternates direction each time it reaches Owen, with Owen binging until he gets confused and says "oo-er" instead by mistake. For the rest of the reading the roles of "bing" and "oo-er" are swapped.

  22. "Thank you for Owen & Dunstan" - Katie. Perhaps this should be added to all religious sermons.

  23. Getting chocolate in bars. A pint of Cadbury's please. Double fruit and nut with a splash of dairy milk.

  24. Rachel's mum is her phone

  25. Coughing up pounds. This could be a useful ability, although you may get strange looks Sainsbury's.

  26. Votes to close F:3 A:0 Ab:1 - carried

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