Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society meetings

Held on Thursday 15th February 2007

First meeting, held in Peterhouse Hall

Present: Jack (CR), Lukshmi, Beetle (& Small), Lilllian, various Sheilas
Apologies: two of Sheila's friends and relations

  1. meeting open
  2. Beetle to wear a monocle and a listening horn: passed
  3. Write in tiramisu on wine.
  4. Besides, it works.
  5. Lukshmi decides whether or not to poke me viciously.
  6. vote to close: passed

Second meeting, held in I4 Gisborne Court

Present: Jack (CR), Lukshmi, Beetle (& Small), various Sheilas

  1. meeting open
  3. We're not playing PoohSoc: spoilt
  4. Bilbo Baggins
  5. Ed Anderson is a girl: passed
  6. No-one knows who Emma is, and she is a secret agent.
    confirmed by Philip Bielby
  7. J S-T doesn't mind.
  8. visitors can vote and propose, but not second: passed
  9. Emma is special: passed
  10. This is working surprisingly well: passed by CR
  11. Dorian* is a librarian.
  12. Philip's hair is too long.  Philippa.  Philippe.
  13. Oh gosh!  A penguin!
  14. Simeon B. was merely compaining on general principle.
  15. Philip looks good when he's like Ben.
  16. Simeon looks uncouth in his D-J: passed
  17. A photo of PB is displayed to those present.
  18. Beth needs to find a punk.
  19. That will probably hurt a bit.
  20. Jaya can have a go.
  21. I don't know: passed
  22. x ∈ ∪ ⊇ F: A → ℝ
  23. plot
  24. Minute No. 23 must always be plot: passed
  25. Emilie to her wife: passed
  26. People can be married to God, or their swords
  27. Marriage is an equivalence relation.
  28. Avon is recusing.
  29. many motions
  30. Learning shorthand now wouldn't help.
  31. bowels: motion bombed the poll booth
  32. three: 3 for, 1 against; carried
  33. All motions must be Mersenne primes: passed
  34. 127 motions do not have to make sense: passed by CR
  35. All 511 of them: passed
  36. If you have BSD utils installed, you can just run primes 127
  37. It's easier to get to an xterm than a web browser: failed
  38. Beth is going to shoot Emma: passed
  39. 1023 is not a prime and other motions: highly confused
  40. CR seconds many things
  41. meeting closed by CR's deciding vote

* Dorian IIIrd, the Grey, Jr, v. 0.2

Third meeting, held in I4 Gisborne Court

Present: Jack, Beetle, many Sheilas

  1. meeting opened
  2. f— that: failed
  3. The minute-writer isn't supposed to notice that.
  4. Close meeting: hung
  5. That mask is amazing.
  6. Meeting closed by acclamation.

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