Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society of 9th October 2013 at Freshers' Fair, Parker's Piece

In which we are somewhat in a tent.
    1. Alexander Beetle paid £2 Pooh Levy on behalf of Ed Anderson.
    2. Meeting opened by Ed (Eor), Beetle, Ed (Anderson).
    3. Eor returned to other stall (dancing?) [Yes. Ed.] so Beetle minuting.
    4. Suit Up / It's Going to Be Legen… (Wait For It) Dary.
    5. Photographs are taken.
    6. "Stand By Me" is heard playing from the Eastern end of the tent for about the thirtieth time.
    7. If Alicia pays PL in the next few weeks, she becomes a member at the beginning of this meeting. 2-0-0-0, Alicia abstains.
    8. Alicia is Schrödinger's member. (oo-er.)
    9. Therefore, Alicia's votes will be recorded separately.
    10. Beetle types some more email addresses into the mailing list.
    11. Unknown Fresher read Pooh to his dog on its first long car journey to keep it calm.
    12. "A Thought" is recited from memory.
    13. Ed* should email [redacted], [BLOT], [SMUDGE]: 3-0-0-0 [Pem members living in a house on Trumpington St - possible hosts for following week's meeting. Ed. Possibly remove context later.]
    14. Their email addresses should be redacted from the online minutes: 3-0-0-0.
    15. *Croft
    16. The Domino's Pizza bag is a rubbish bag: 2-0-0-0
    17. Close the meeting: 2-0-0-0

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