Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society - 12/10/13 - The New Wolery

In which we don't vote on IPA scones.

Present: Alex, Alicia, Sophie, Chrcs, Rita, Carla, Ed C, Ed A

1. Meeting opened.
16. Visitors can vote
2. We are introduced to Sophie, Chris, Rita and Carla.
3. Ed and Ed arrive.
4. Ed A brings Poohsoc a lemon cake.
5. Crocodiles aren't really that much like chocolate.
6. Mysterious voices are heard from the staircase.
7. Minutes of the meeting 09/10/13 read by Eyore [sic.].
8. Sonja, Martha + Darcey arrive and are given tea with leaves in it.
9. Let's see how big this person is. 7-0-1-0
10. Katie, Alison and a.n. other arrive.
11. Censure non Pooh-related discussions.
12a. 'In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water' is read.
12. Let's vote on it! 5-0-5-0
    Pooh should read the parts that Piglet imagines Pooh saying. 6-1-3-Private Eye says it's the silly season. Dragons!
13. Pooh (Carla) reads said parts.
14. There are a lot of fairies in Pembroke.
15. We have a list of silly people. 9-0-0-0
[redacted] <- add to list
16. We have several Alices (Alexes?)
17. Which is it? Alices 7-1-1- Ed would put some sort of phonetic marker in top to distinguish the two
18. We shan't have a vote on whether it's [skɔn], [sk3ωn], [skʊn] or [skωən]. [Description for the hard of encoding: backward-c, 3 omega, upside-down-Omega, omega inverted-e]
[redacted] (hosting) this is not part of the minutes!
19. Close meeting 9-0-0-0

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