Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 05/05/2001 in O10.

Present : Martin, Owen, Ben, Jenny, Richard, Debbie

Apologies : Rosie, Andrew, Claire

  1. Owen opens the meeting.

  2. Jenny and Ben go to get washing.

  3. Courting the tourists.

  4. Owen’s having a month of Sundays

  5. Why is no-one here.

  6. Votes to censure the mug: Hung Christopher Robin decides against.

  7. Vote of no confidence in Christopher Robin: Passed.

  8. Votes to censure the society for having no confidence in a pivotal character: Passed.

  9. Votes that Ben should go and find Ian: Passed.

  10. Big problem in 1000 years time because people just update things.

  11. She doesn’t like it when he works away so she has to get an Alsation.

  12. "As soon as he gets a girlfriend he'll start coming" - Jenny

  13. Votes to have an election for Rabbit next week, candidates or no candidates: Passed.

  14. Jenny reads the minutes of the Poohsoc meeting from 28/04/2001.

  15. Richard apologises for next week.

  16. Jenny leaves.

  17. D is not a vowel.

  18. Get rid of all the vowels.

  19. Votes to modify Owen’s keyboard as he suggested: Failed.

  20. Ben’s locked up in a box.

  21. Votes to censure everyone who didn’t turn up, even if they apologised: Passed.

  22. Votes to censure Sweden especially: Passed.

  23. Garden Party: Monday of Mayweek.

  24. "I’d do it for £50" - Ben

  25. Owen won’t be here the week after next.

  26. Reading : Pinkle Purr, The End.

  27. Next week 10 Selwyn Gardens, though Ben may not be here.

  28. Votes to close: Passed

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