Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 16/06/2001 in Rm. 6, 10 Selwyn Gardens.

Present : Owen, Martin, Claire, Debbie

Apologies : Rosie, Andrew, Jenny, Richard

  1. Its 16:15 and only Owen and Martin are there, but then the doorbell rings and it turns out to be Claire so the meeting is finally opened.

  2. Votes to censure Co-op on Hill’s road for not having ingredients for Claire to make a cake: Passed

  3. Poohsoc owes Claire £1.13 (well not anymore but it did at the time)

  4. Photos.

  5. Votes to censure everyone who isn’t here and hasn’t apologised for missing Claire’s last meeting. Passed

  6. The door bell rings and we wonder if this could be a fourth person.

  7. No it was Rosie’s Dad.

  8. But then Debbie turns up and so we do have 4 people after all.

  9. Votes to censure gravity for not allowing Eeyore to float: Passed

  10. They are planning on stealing a chair from my room.

  11. Minutes of Poohsoc meeting on 09/06/01 are read by Owen.

  12. Minutes of Poohsoc meeting on 15/06/01 are read by Claire.

  13. Garden Party.

  14. Votes to censure the tea for not being a McDonalds milkshake: Passed

  15. Claire’s watching Martin.

  16. Martin has to entertain Claire all evening on Tuesday so he will need a lot of energy.

  17. Gretals on top of Hansel.

  18. Votes to censure Owen for being sad about computers: Hung, CR later decides FOR.

  19. Votes that the Christopher Robin would vote for in the above motion: Hung, CR later decides FOR

  20. Votes that the Christopher Robin would vote for in the above motion: Hung, CR later decides AGAINST.

  21. Votes to censure Martin for loosing minutes: Passed

  22. Votes that Claire’s going to get hit: Failed.

  23. Claire told Debbie how she made the pasta salad at the Garden Party last year.

  24. Votes that Claire should do lunch boxes for every one: Failed.

  25. Votes that Martin votes for normal stuff in the sandwiches: Passed, and then the vote is called again and is promptly failed.

  26. Votes that Claire is the cats mother: Passed

  27. Sandwiches - Cheese, ham, cheese and ham, cheese and tomato, marmite, cheese and marmite, ham and marmite, chicken, turkey, pineapple, sticks.

  28. Votes to commend the wasp on finding the window: Passed

  29. Claire’s house mate wants her at home.

  30. Reading: The Dormouse and the Doctor - Claire

  31. Votes to censure Debbie: Passed

  32. They don’t make biscuits in Norfolk they make mustard.

  33. Votes to minute mustard at least once a term: Passed

  34. Claire got stung by an Elephant that was flying

  35. Votes that Claire is necessarily stupid: Failed

  36. Votes that Claire is unnecessarily stupid: Failed.

  37. Claire is a bed.

  38. Next constitutional meeting in Owen’s room, AA20.

  39. The difference makes all the difference

  40. Votes that the difference should make all the cakes: Passed

  41. Owen must get Grettel to do something different: Passed

  42. Votes to close: Passed

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