Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on 5th May 2007 in Oldham Hall common room, Lucy Cavendish College

present: CGM, Beetle, Lisa, Owen, Bink
apologies: Giles

  1. meeting open
  2. If Lisa was Winnie-the-Pooh, she would just eat honey: 3 for; carried
  3. It's 4:14 and we're all here, even Alex.
  4. This is CGM's living room: 2-1-2; failed [How? – Charlotte]
  5. Today is sincodemaio, spelt with a C.  And an O.
  6. The tea is only ready for people who
  7. ‘Alex would like some “oh, excellent” if anybody's got any available.’ – Lisa
  8. Owen reads minutes 28th April.
  9. If Beetle doesn't mind doing the work, then everybody else doesn't mind him doing it: 3-0-1; carried
  10. Mouths and paint are similar: 2-0-2; carried
  11. Have another reading now, and have a reading later: 3-1; carried
  12. Let's not have backwards motions: 0-1-3; failed
  13. Censure secretary for interrupting reading twice, despite requesting it: 3-1; carried
  14. reading: 1.II: In which Pooh goes Visiting and gets into a Tight Place
  15. We reach a consensus that the bonus floaty bits in Beetle's tea are small pieces of doom.
  16. It is probably the job of some secretary or other to make the tea for the secretary, who is taking the minutes.
  17. mandate Andy (under-secretary) to make tea for next meeting and send it to Alex for the next meeting: 3-0-1; carried
  18. censure Jack for not sending us any postcards: 4 for; carried
  19. censure Beetle for his lovely mental image: 2-2; hung and passed by CR
  20. Bink was in the shower last time Alex saw her.
  21. Alex presses hard – eodh-er
  22. θ
  23. That was Susan
  24. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ← for Alex
  25. Owen makes up for the absence of all Jameses.
  26. James James James the James James James
  27. reading: Disobedience – Lisa
  28. reading: Binker – CGM
  29. barf arf arf arf  A. A. Milne
  30. Explained – Alex Beetle
  31. King Hilary & the Beggarman – Owen
  32. Much discussion of arcane rituals invoving Ravens.
  33. coaster coaster coastguard coaster coaster coaster
  34. Alex finds himself, but doesn't find Lukshmi
  35. photos
  36. Mandate unspecified people with photos to send them to Alex – carried 2-0-2
  37. reading from constitution – coastguards (XLII ~ XLV) – very exciting
  38. Alex disappears
  39. Lost: 1 copy of When we were very young (paperback); 1 copy of Now we are six (paperback); eight coasters, and two birdbaths
  40. Votes to mandate Alex to do something horrendous: carried 3-1-0
  41. Alex to go to a Sheila meeting (& demand their Sudetenlands)
  42. Owen didn't notice when Lisa fed him some brownie.
  43. diagram of a Kelly kettle
  44. simple sketch of a bicycle
  45. Bink's house
  46. Beetles are very demanding
  47. We all know what the password is!
  48. Apologies from Lisa & Owen for next meeting
  49. hot Sarah – the one with legs
  50. Lesbian Sarah wouldn't have a boyfriend.
  51. It doesn't work on some things.
  52. Take some newt-flavoured
  53. ‘You never know when you might need a scalar’ – Owen (oo-er)
Σ.  Alex is assigned the death penalty – passed
Δ.  Lisa to host meeting week after next, unless something drastic happens.
β.  meeting closed
Dave H.  “Would you like to come and play games with me?” – President
  1. mustard
  2. Alex has been made to marry a goat.

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