Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 26th May 2007 in Lisa's room

present: Lisa, Owen, CGM, Alex, Jack, CGM's mother

  1. Pen is freed from Lisa's neck
  2. (retrospectively) meeting opened before Owen makes tea
  3. No-one takes CGM to Tesco's in their car (retrospectively)
  4. Alex arrives.
  5. Jack is vibrating at Alex.
  6. Jack arrives and lingers on the doorstep.
  7. Part of Sheila (spit) is outside.
  8. Alex discovers all of our cupboards are adjacent to the wall.
  9. Ed Anderson has paid Pooh Levy & it is in the bank.  He may have paid twice this year.
  10. pig-based sweets
  11. votes for voting – passed
  12. several confused votes, about the possibility of sabotaging a LIFO voting system
  13. Alex: “Jack, shall we go outside?”
  14. votes to censure Ed Anderson for spreading Sheila (spit) propaganda on our mailing list: carried
  15. votes to let visitors vote: passed
  16. Jack is introduced to tea & vice versa.
  17. If we debate this long enough, Jack's tea will have evaporated.  Then will he have run out of tea, or will his tea have run out of itself?
  18. CGM's mother reads last week's minutes.
  19. Lisa broke her thing.  She was chewing on it.
  20. Lisa claims not to be a tea stand whilst holding her hands out ready for a cup.
  21. Lisa is not a tea stand: passed
  22. There's a bit in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 that's like Poohsoc apparently.  We decide this is unlikely as they don't mention Dave Henderson.
  23. The Garden Party is on the day the lawn's booked.
  24. The big red button blows up Russia.
    The big green one doesn't.
  25. Whatever Lukshmi said.
  26. Monday of May week – 2 pm.  Garden Party
  27. Bridge Crawl – Thursday of May Week
  28. Our Garden Party is ours not Sheila's.  No battles.
  29. Alex presses the internet button and creates the internet.
  30. to Alex: “Go outside and run around in the fresh air.” – passed
  31. 2.VII: In which Tigger is unbounced
  32. Owen will look into display boards for the Freshers' Fair
  33. We cleared the voting stack.
  34. to Jack: “Shut up.” – passed
  35. The world viewed through Amaya is the same place, but some of it is neo-cubist.
  36. votes to commend Telewest for sending Owen a teabag: carried
  37. Jack wants to interface with dragons.
  38. Alex reads Here lies a tree from 2.IX: In which Eeyore finds the Wolery and Owl moves into it and other random sections of the chapter.
  39. CGM's mother's feet would get cold if she didn't let Jack wear socks with sandles.  She confirms it herself.
  40. CGM goes to check out the Glamour magazine in the bathroom.
  41. Who is thinking about Chris Moyles?
  42. Alex and Lisa run off to the bathroom together.
  43. “Sex fantasies, ha ha” – Alex
  44. Alex is very possessive over his Sex fantasies.
  45. Charlotte, 28, a nurse from Canterbury apparently.  A bit of an anti-climax.
  46. Alex would forget to change CGM's bedpan.
  47. votes to censure Alex for reading non-Pooh related material: carried
  48. CGM's next week.  Alex's the week after.
  49. Owen & Lisa apologise for next week.
  50. Owen should be very attuned to the Pooh-force.
  51. CGM's mother questions the logic of having elevenses at 4 pm.
  52. votes to close – carried

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