Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 09/02/2002 in AA20.

Present: Martin, Owen, Neil, Jenny, Richard M-H, Rosamand (visitor)

Apologies: Rosie

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Motion to let visitors vote: Passed

  3. We have Christmas tea, because it's February.

  4. We are shocked to discover that Neil doesn't go to ballet classes.

  5. "This is 29 Acacia Road (leads) and I am Eric!" - Owen

  6. Neil doesn't know how to take his clothes off.

  7. We shouldn't have more than one motion in a meeting: Passed

  8. Motion to forget all the constitution except the bits we can't forget: Hung, CR decides for,

  9. Motion to commend Jenny on confusing Neil with a cat: Passed

  10. Jenny apologises particularly for missing the AGM.

  11. AGM next week, (16/02/20002) black tie, 5:30 N7 going onto formal hall afterwards.

  12. Minutes from 07/05/1994 are read out by Neil.

  13. We shall now spell the word 'the' 'differently' and pronounce it 'yellow': Passed

  14. Jenny isn't sure if she normally kisses Mr Powell differently (pronounced yellow; further pronounciational oddities will not be highlighted in these minutes) porter.

  15. Owen should find out how many umbrellas he can fit under his bed: Passed

  16. Doors have really good hearing to make up for differently door posts.

  17. Really posh trains (like differently ones made in China (in a tea pot)) have carpets on differently ceiling.

  18. Rosamand should be balanced on Neil's head: Failed (thank goodness!)

  19. Let's not sit under an elephant: Failed

  20. Motion to censure Neil for not knowing what an elephant is: Passed

  21. Jenny thinks everyone is a dear sweet boy.

  22. Rosamand wants to put things in Owen's hair.

  23. Rosamand is going to catalyse Owen's explosion.

  24. Rosamand tapes Owen's glasses to his nose so that he doesn't lose them when he explodes.

  25. Owen reads "Lines and Squares"

  26. Rosamand reads "Four Friends"

  27. "It's difficult to make minutes on things but it's easy to make minutes on stuff" - Rosamand

  28. Owen reads "Furry Bear"

  29. Kickers would look silly on your paws: Passed

  30. We should have bought a squirrel: Passed (unanimously)

  31. We should bring and buy Tom (Thurman) and give differently money to Blue Peter: Passed

  32. Rosamand reads "Differently Alchemist"

  33. Motion to censure Neil for censuring differently testaments: Passed

  34. Owen is only a whale when he feeds ducks.

  35. Owen reads "Pinkle Purr"

  36. Motion to close: Passed

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