Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 23/03/2002 in the Graduate Cafe, University Centre.

Present : Martin, Owen, Rosie, Roz, Andrew, Neil, Debbie, Jenny, Ben

Apologies :

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Votes of tea: Passed

  3. Votes that Martin can't use a pen to minute for the rest of this meeting: Hung, Christopher Robin decides For.

  4. Ben thinks that the waitresses are of a better standard here.

  5. Votes to censure Carol Smiley just for...: Passed

  6. Votes to censure Neil for bringing p??? to a poohsoc meeting: Passed

  7. "It's Andrew's creamy..."

  8. Votes to not watch Andrew drink his creamy stuff: Passed

  9. We should play musical chairs: Hung

  10. We should not make Ben pregnant: Hung CR decides against

  11. Votes to pre-lactify: Abstained

  12. Andrew's creamy stuff is all over the biscuit

  13. Votes that Jenny doesn't have all the biscuits: Passed

  14. Votes to burn Neil: Hung CR decides against

  15. Minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 16th of February 2002 are read by Ben

  16. Votes to allow Ben to change the minutes with sugar solution: Failed

  17. Votes to censure Ben for defiling the testaments: Failed

  18. Reading: Lines and Squares: Jenny

  19. Ben should be the bear: Failed

  20. Ben is a little tea pot: Passed

  21. Votes to censure the coffee drinkers: Passed

  22. Reading: Invaders: Rosie

  23. Votes to uncensure Debbie: Passed

  24. Reading: In which Eeyore has a birthday and gets two presents.

  25. Votes to censure Ben for interrupting: Passed

  26. Votes to censure everyone for interrupting: Passed

  27. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  28. Votes to congratulate Debbie on her Party: Passed

  29. Votes to have dancing girls next time: Passed

  30. Votes to censure Ben for being nasty about Penwith: Passed

  31. Votes to censure Neil for wearing socks upside down: Passed

  32. Andrew plays with the baby.

  33. We had off to play Poohsticks

  34. "The baby would look good in a pie" - Roz

  35. Votes to censure Ben for pressing the button for the lift on every floor: Passed

  36. Owen has his big stick over his shoulder

  37. Round 1 - Owen

  38. Round 2 - ???

  39. Round 3 - Andrew

  40. Round 4 - Jenny

  41. Votes to withdraw to Owen's room: Passed

  42. We sniff the playdoh.

  43. "If you squeeze it, it gets longer" - Andrew

  44. Martin should go and find Neil afterwards: Hung, CR decides against

  45. Votes to censure everyone for non-pooh related material: Passed

  46. Next week Rm. 7, 6 St. Clements Gardens, Thompson's Lane

  47. Andrew is enjoying that stuff

  48. People went into America 30,000 years ago

  49. "Snuggles you is so lazy" - Passed

  50. Votes to censure us all: Passed

  51. Votes to close: Passed

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