Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 02/03/2002 in Rm. 7, 6 St. Clements Gardens, Thompson's lane.

Present : Roz, Owen, Martin, Karen*, Helen*, Sam*, Anthony*

Apologies : Jenny, Neil

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Thumb transfers

  3. Roz is all thumbs

  4. Votes to censure Owen for not bringing his entire tea collection to the meeting: Passed

  5. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  6. Owen fails to turn on the cats by feeling between their legs.

  7. It's as far from Pembroke to here as it is from here to Pembroke

  8. Ways of pointing out Roz's room.

  9. People in bins

  10. Roz reads the minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 23/02/02

  11. Anthony reads the minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 23/02/02

  12. We discuss timezones

  13. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  14. Votes to censure everyone in the world who hasn't turned up nor apologised: Passed

  15. Owen's statically ran off with the milk.

  16. People lawn mowers.

  17. It's especially potent from Liverpool

  18. Reading: In which Pooh goes visiting and gets stuck in a tight place.

  19. Vacuum cleaners

  20. Reading: Lines and Squares: Karen

  21. Reading: King Hilary and the beggar man: Roz

  22. Why do we have running races

  23. Victorian evenings

  24. Dissecting with trowels

  25. Votes to censure every member of the society who isn't here and hasn't apologised and Neil: Passed

  26. "Everybody needs a vibrating Stingray" Owen

  27. Selfcanabilism

  28. We shall all sit in silence for ever: Failed

  29. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  30. It's all Roz's fault: Hung, Visitors - Abstained

  31. The visitors don't have arms: Passed

  32. Next week Rm. 2, 52A Trumpington Street

  33. Votes to close: Passed

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