Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting and trial for Captain of Poohsticks held on the 09/03/2002 on Poohsticks bridge and in Rm 2, 52A Trumpington Street.

Present : Martin, Owen, Roz, Rosie, Andrew, Neil, Tom, Granny, Michelle*

Apologies : Jenny, Richard

  1. Owen opens the meeting then goes to get his coat

  2. Votes to throw Owen in the Cam: Passed Unanimously

  3. Trials for captain of poohsticks (O = Owen, R = Roz, M = Martin)

    Round 1) O:R:M
    Round 2) R:M:O
    Round 3) O:RM
    Round 4) R:M:O
    Round 5) RMO

    Hence Roz wins and becomes Captain of Poohsticks

  4. After a few more games we head off for tea.

  5. Pembroke event

  6. Surprises

  7. "I've dropped his arms on the floor"

  8. Holland = Dutch

  9. "So I was right to be scared of something living in my eyebrows" - Neil

  10. Neil's visitor is a mug

  11. "It's not long enough"

  12. Votes to sing happy birthday to Dimitree: Passed

  13. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  14. Tom is in disguise as a submarine

  15. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 02/03/02 are read by Rosie

  16. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting the minutes: passed

  17. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting the minutes again: Passed

  18. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting the minutes again: Passed

  19. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting the minutes again: Passed

  20. Votes to call self-cannibalism - Bernard: Passed

  21. Votes to censure Martin for not being in Australia last week: Passed

  22. Last weeks cake baked by Owen and Roz

  23. Votes to censure CMS for having red chairs in more than one room: Passed

  24. Votes that the foreign secretary should write and tell them: Passed

  25. Votes to commend CMS for its green carpet: Passed

  26. Getting locked in places

  27. Votes to censure the UL for failing to open the doors to let Neil get locked in last Sunday: Passed

  28. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting the minutes: Passed

  29. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  30. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  31. Neil needs a hug: Passed

  32. Votes that Martin should give Neil the hug: Passed

  33. Votes to censure Neil for scaring off last weeks visitors: Passed

  34. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  35. Votes to censure Neil for trying to confuse himself: Passed

  36. Reading: Lines and Squares: Tom

  37. Votes to ignore Thyme: Passed

  38. Votes to give Thyme a hug: Passed

  39. Neil's never had a hug in a little pot before.

  40. Reading: In which Tigger comes to the forest and has breakfast

  41. Votes to censure Neil for being pre-emptive: Passed

  42. Votes to commend Neil for being pre-emptive: Hung visitor decides For

  43. Votes that Neil should stand in Pooh more often: Passed

  44. Votes to censure the type setter: Passed

  45. Votes to censure people who just criticised the testaments: Hung visitor decides for

  46. Votes to censure Owen for miscalling motions: Hung visitor decides for.

  47. Votes to censure Neil for criticising the testaments: Passed

  48. "Have you kidnapped my fish duck" - Neil

  49. Votes to censure them: Passed

  50. Votes to commend Michelle on producing a second harmonic using a slinky: Passed

  51. "He's doing it sideways and I'm doing it up and down" Michelle about Neil and the slinky.

  52. Neil doesn't need to beat Roz up with a slinky: Passed

  53. Votes to censure Neil for being an ineffectual slinky whipper: Passed

  54. Reading: In which Rabbit has a busy day and we learn what Christopher Robin does in the mornings.

  55. There's a geometrical progression in the story

  56. Neil and Tom apologise for their absence next week

  57. Next weeks meeting in AA20

  58. Votes to commend Martin for knowing so much about catering staff: Passed

  59. "Oh it's rather a stiff one"

  60. Votes to close: Passed

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