Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on 3rd May 2003 in Z6 North Court, Emmanuel

Present: Neil, Dunstan, Jonathan, Jack, Katie, Tim, Rosy, Owen, Naath, John-h

Apologies: Rosie, Jenny, Roz, Rachel H, Rachel, C, Alison, Martin

Guest: Tim

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Martin is absent.

  3. On this day, henceforth, we will hold a celebration of the first full term Elevenses Meeting Martin has not attended for years and years: Passed.

  4. We note that, infact, Martin missed the Trial meeting last term. We decide, despite this, to hold the celebration on the 3rd May next year. It will be a Monday, we think, since next year will be a leap year.

  5. We’re not sending anyone to let Naath’s bike in. Passed.

  6. However, Neil goes of his own accord so Naath and her bicycle gain entrance in spite of our best efforts.

  7. Early was early.

  8. There is no spoon: Passed.

  9. There is no teabag: Passed.

  10. Votes to commend Neil for providing such a splendid array of drinks: Passed.

  11. Votes to censure Neil to make up for the commendation: Passed.

  12. Votes to mandate John-h to wear the constitution on his arm as he walks around the town: Passed.

  13. Votes to double-censure John-h for failing to send us a postcard in EITHER March OR April: Passed.

  14. We’ll let him vote whilst ostracising him in a corner: Passed.

  15. He’s Timothy II. Passed.

  16. Leviticus: Naath thinks there may be a verse which commands the faithful to burn down their houses if they have mildew in them. Katie hopes not, she doesn’t want to lose her possessions to the flames.

  17. Neil begins to read the Irish Times article.

  18. Votes to censure the magazine for asserting that Poohsticks is a children’s game. Passed.

  19. Votes to censure Neil: Passed.

  20. Tim understands about censuring Neil.

  21. This is because he has been on many committees and they all censure Neil regularly: Passed.

  22. Votes to censure Owen for ignoring the constitution: Passed.

  23. We continue the reading of the article.

  24. We should write to Disney and to Shirley Lessinger to suggest that, in order to save lawyers’ fees, they should resolve their dispute by means of a game of Poohsticks: Passed.

  25. We should suggest to Disney that Hall Wangings might be a lucrative new form of merchandising: Passed.

  26. There’s an echo in here: Passed.

  27. Disney bought all rights to future Royals.

  28. Disney are guilty of greed whatever definition you pick: Passed.

  29. Biscuit Hustings: Jammy Dodgers (John-h)

  30. The biscuit selection packet contains the Wrong Sort of Biscuits.

  31. John-h is never going to eat Jammy Dodgers again: Passed.

  32. John-h is husting for the Jammy Dodgers he knew in his youth. Such a long time ago.

  33. Cadburys’ Animal Biscuits (Owen)

  34. Votes to censure Neil for trying, at length and with some determination, to lose the bank statement for March: Passed.

  35. Neil’s kettle lives by the sea.

  36. We read the minutes of the Ready-Steady-Cook. Tim carps about the grammar, but as none of the sentiments make sense I can’t see that it’s fair that the sentences should have to.

  37. Votes to censure Neil for claiming to have gone up in the Society’s expectations: Oops. Owen can’t talk. Try that again.

  38. Votes to censure Neil for claiming to have gone up in the Society’s estimation: Passed.

  39. Owen can’t count either.

  40. Votes to commend the Secretary and Christopher Robin for conspiring to assassinate Alison: Passed. (Undeserved, on my part, but I’ll take praise where I can get it!)

  41. Rachel (oops... meant Katie.) should age quickly as she is not as old as she should be: Passed.

  42. We’ll expect her to be at least 80 by next week.

  43. Votes to commend Owen for bringing two boxes of biscuits: Passed.

  44. We have a multi-lingual reading of - In which Pooh and Piglet go Hunting and nearly catch a Woozle. Katie reads Pooh in French (and again... meant German), John-h reads Piglet in Finnish, or possibly Japanese, and Rosy improvises Christopher Robin in French. Narration is in English by everyone else.

  45. Anyone who criticises the pronunciation if the Finno-Japanese has to take over: Passed.

  46. The Garden Party will be held from 2-5pm on Monday 16th June, on Library Court, Pembroke.

  47. Events will include:

  48. Ticket prices will be £4 in advance, £5 on the door.

  49. A minute’s silence for the dead honorary members.

  50. (          )

  51. It would have been a real minute’s silence, with no-one talking for 60 whole seconds, but it got broken so we’ll have to make to with the substitute above.

  52. Shopping in Sainsbury’s: trolleys are no good, they get stuck by the meat aisle. Push-chairs are better, but a petrol powered, preferably a sit-on, lawn mower would be ideal.

  53. Votes to close: Passed.(Proposed by Neil - not a hint, a hint would be less direct)

  54. Meeting reopened.

  55. Alison wants to eat the last biscuit. Passed. A pity she’s not here then.

  56. Next week’s meeting: Room 2, Chapel Court 1, Jesus College.

  57. Votes to close: Passed.

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