Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting, held on the 31st May 2003 in Jesus College Orchard

Secretaryís caveat: As I have exams and attendant revision this week, anyone expecting interesting, amusing or comprehensible minutes is going to be sorely disappointed. Or possibly relieved.

Present: Rosy, Martin, Ben, Owen, Dunstan, Jonathan, Jack, Katie, Neil, Naath, John-h, Rachel H

Apologies: Jenny, Rosie, Roz, Alison

Guest: Rachel

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Votes to censure the Pembroke Bursar. Passed.

  3. Dunstan succeeds in not mentioning heís at Homerton.

  4. How to find the Orchard: Put left leg in front of right leg. Repeat.

  5. Non-lethal sound weapons are discussed.

  6. Conversation moves, by a sort of Brownian motion (you see? too much revision!), from ways to poison Cubans, to Bill Clinton (and John Major), to nuclear weapons and means of disposing of them (if we ever had them at all), to, erm, supermarkets.

  7. The sunís moving. (... ugh... visions of notes with pretty pictures of red shift... but I canít remember what they MEAN!)

  8. Doesnít it depend on the Hubble Constant?

  9. Naathís colonial: Failed.

  10. These Nice biscuits are much nicer than the ones Iíve had before. Funny that.

  11. Washing up Jenga.

  12. Establishing a Chair in AA Milne Studies (there was a vote about this, I think; I havenít noted what it was, or what the outcome may have been).

  13. Votes to commend Rosy for her impressive efforts in biscuit consumption: (and again- I think this was a vote)

  14. Biscuit dunking- in water as we havenít currently got any tea. The "Nice" biscuits take 35 dunks to disintegrate, the Plain Chocolate Digestives 55.

  15. John-h has brought us another post card. Now heís only behind by one!

  16. Votes to censure Ben for not apologising for last week, despite knowing he wasnít going to attend: Passed.

  17. Minutes from 24.5.03 are read out.

  18. Votes to censure John-h for negligence: Passed

  19. Votes to censure Alison in case she didnít wear purple to type up that minute: Passed.

  20. Votes to commend her in case she did: Passed.

  21. A new kind of Overland Poohsticks: We should send letters to the Xi College Winnie-the-Pooh Society (i=1->n, n= Number of Colleges, Xi=ith College on list), and see what happens.

  22. Returning 1st Class Scorpion Mail.

  23. Was there a reason? There might have been, once: Passed.

  24. If weíre going to watch Dunstan on Knightmare, we should also watch Ben on 15-1. Sadly, as Ben seems not to be bursting with pride in his performance, we may have trouble finding a copy. Shame.

  25. Katie and Rosy go to make tea and collect the letter from Len Fisher. On their return:

  26. Katie: "Iím supposed to say: "Is it just me or have you moved?" But I wonít because it would make you all too smug. Iím sorry, I meant smugger"

  27. Rosy is distressed to find that Rachel and Ben are marking her minuting paper. Those are the bits I threw away! Because I didnít want my supervisor to look at them! Because they were all wrong!

  28. Ben tells two jokes about Sherlock Holmes.

  29. In retaliation:

  30. Owen: "Right!... In a purple kingdom...

  31. ...

  32. ...

  33. ..."

  34. About 5 minutes later...

  35. Votes to commend Owen on the Purple story: Passed.

  36. Votes to censure Owen on the Purple story: Passed.

  37. He canít tell any more stories. Passed.

  38. Votes to censure Rosy for spoiling our game: Passed.

  39. Owen is Miscellaneous Barrit.

  40. Jonathanís going to bring asterisks and porters to next weekís meeting. Possibly also Obelixes and Dogmatixes.

  41. Piglet wants a gog to feel.

  42. We should have had a reading about 20 minutes ago. Passed.

  43. Reading: "In which Tigger comes to the Forest and has Breakfast."

  44. Letís read it as itís written. "But that was ages ago": Someone (Possibly Martin).

  45. Next weekís meeting: Technically the last of full term but we may postpone the traditional reading until the week after.

  46. Next weekís meeting: 1, 1 Library Court, Jesus.

  47. Dunstanís the following week?

  48. At least there hasnít been an earthquake... yet.

  49. Votes to close: Passed.

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