Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society annual general meeting

Held on Saturday 24th February 2007 in the Nihon Room, Pembroke College

present: Dr Richard Marquis-Hirsch, Neil M-H, Jack Vickeridge, Lukshmi Shanthakumar, Anna “Californian Girl of Mystery” Blumstein, Lisa Smith & Owen Barritt, James “Giles” Wardley, Alexander Atkins (Beetle), Ben Parker, Katie Birkwood, Rachel Holdforth
apologies: Capt. “Ed” Chocoholixxs

  1. meeting open
  2. Ben arrives.
  3. Honourary members have been breeding, except the Queen.
  4. Beetle commended for bringing six mugs.
  5. Do we have a super-quorum?
  6. Richard pays for himself and Neil and further donates £1 to the society.
  7. Beetle is not quite sure whether to write down this minute or not.
  8. Ben has posh tea.
  9. Ben is censured for spilling wine on John Major's letter.
  10. The letter from JM is read.
  11. archives, archives, archives...
  12. Minutes of previous meeting on 17th February are read.
  13. object to “intellectual feminism” is oxymoron: passed
  14. Owen can't read Roman numerals.
  15. Ben is more related to a chimpanzee than to his siblings: passed
  16. Simeon is ape-like: failed
  17. Burning books is generally frowned upon, unless they're David Blunkett's diaries.
  18. All the nominations have been written in invisible pen.
  19. Emergency escape clauses are discussed.
  20. Roo & Charlotte arrive.  By Charlotte, I mean Katie B.
  21. Simeon is not a post: carried
  22. Katie pays her Pooh Levy and Beetle settles the debt of £4 (from 10th February).
  23. elections!
      1st 2nd   Piglet: Lisa
    president: CGM, Giles   Wol: Alex
    secretary: Beetle, CGM   Rabbit: CGM
    under-secretary: Andy, Owen   Pooh: Jack
    foreign secretary: Lisa, Giles   Sign: Katie
    treasurer: Giles, RON   The James: Ben
    Christopher Robin: Owen     Charlotte: } Alexander Beetle
    home secretary: Jack     Charlotte [illegible]:
      Simeon 07903 ••••••    NOT A POST
  24. Blackberry is jam.
  25. OwenLisa's mug is always about to break the handle.  P.T.O.
  26. The corridor is a court: passed
  27. Just do it anyway and hope nobody notices: passed
  28. home secretary, modern major-general
    very snow
    please elect me
  29. Giles (James W.) presents treasurer's report.
  30. Katie Birkwood explains the situation about the bank account and puts forth a proposal:
  31. proposal to close the bank account and put the money in the cash-box: 10 for – unanimous
  32. Katie writes a cheque for £180.27, which is the total balance of the society's bank account with HSBC, to be signed by Rosie.
  33. mugs & scarves
  34. photos (teapot for Andy)
  35. You can tell it's Andy, because it's full of tea.
  36. character elections (see above)
  37. AGM closed by vote

elevenses meeting: starts in Nihon Room

present: Giles, Jack, Lukshmi, Anna, Alexander (Beetle)
apologies: L & O

  1. Many things happened, but they were too good to put down.
  2. By vote, Alexander Beetle is now both Charlotte and Charlotte [illegible].
  3. Reasons are superflorious.
  4. Lukshmi vibrated.
  5. mandate Lukshmi to vibrate in the future: failed
  6. “I suppose the secretary is rather raw.” – CGM
  7. Lukshmi and Beetle are coastguards.
  8. reading: excerpt from 2.VII: In which Tigger is unbounced
  9. People go to rooms to deposit stuff, and Beetle sharpens his pencil.
  10. Colin is mentioned in the minutes.
  11. Council was a pirate once, and thus has safety-pins.
  12. The Anthem is sung, but without the traditional receptacle of water, pin bin, plastic bowls, bicycle pump.
  13. GMC, JV and Beetle meet Simeon B. and Ben Weaver and discuss Chrononauts.
  14. The present membership reassembles at Pembroke Hall.
  15. We have large amounts of wine.
  16. Jack leaves.
  17. Meeting closed by vote.
  18. Giles wishes Lukshmi's friends would hurry up.
17a.  formal hall
  1. Is there tea? <glare from Buttery woman>
  2. CGM gave the loyal toast, as follows:
    “A toast, to A. A. Milne, to the enduring glory of Helen Masters, our wise foundress, to Paul Smith, the first Secretary, to Monty Adkins, Composer of the Society Anthem, all the founder members – ouch, Solon the Wise, Lawgiver of the Society, and all the members past and present.”
  3. toasts to the outgoing committee and to tea
  4. CGM would like to point out that she did not intend any slight upon the founding members, rather, that the tea she was holding was too hot and burned her hand at that point.
  5. A pint of vodka would cost significantly more than a pint of water
π.  “That” – CGM
  1. Safety pins and pants
  2. Dave Henderson
  3. Pandas <yay>
  4. Brains.  Pooh-related discussion!
    Quite heated, with looking up.  The youth of today...
    Alex wins (again)
  5. Alex knows what he means
  6. Some people are 20
  7. James' bizarrely suggestive look
  8. Giles and Beetle (try yet) fail to dance
  9. “Merge the two and you get Gmail” <fingers thing> – Giles
  10. LS and CGM further the society's attempts to set up the treasurer and the secretary.
  11. “Jack would be a very good fan-girl.”– LS and CGM
  12. MS* no longer has to work with mutants
  13. Council will keep the loo-paper in her bag with the constitution, and bring both to the next meeting.
  14. Lisa is Jam, because of her hair
    Owen = biscuits
    Jack – Ther Cup
  15. Alex has a secret baby?! (but lies about it)
  16. Beetle burns things
  17. Alex loses (finally)
  18. More names!
    Giles – Shuttle
    CGM – Nice (mysterious) walking boots
    MS – Shetland Pony
    Beetle – Chariot
    Thercup – Flying Saucer (to go with ther cup)
    Biscuit – Mortar and pestle
    Jam – House with chicken feet (wearing dancing shoes and long locks)
    Andy – Bicycle
    Giles – Pie (cheesy)
    GMC – Cake of marvel and glee
  19. GMC's mother explains about pie
  20. The ‘your pants are funny’ look
  21. ‘I'm going to regret these minutes in the morning’ – CMG
  22. ‘Cake’ is a slight sexual slur?
    Mandate Alex to look that up (Urbandictionary appears to go more with the food and also cocaine...)
  23. koala bear wearing an amnesty cake hatkoala bear wearing an amnesty cake hat
  24. Freudian psychologists
  25. Mandate Anna to book Freshers' Fayre, man the stall (or force people to do it), go to Pembroke freshers' fair, arange AGM + garden party (beginning of Easter term to book)
  26. Alex has OCD, according to Giles
  27. Pandas (again)
  28. Mandate Lukshmi to write Pembroke instructions
  29. Mandate Alex Beetle to seduce a random Pembroke boy
  30. Giles likes normal pie, he just prefers the cheesy kind.
  31. Censure Pembroke for the tea at formal hall: carried
  32. Lines on Council's hand are named.
  33. Council's hand
  34. “Is that suitably fishy for you?” – LS
  35. crotchbacco
  36. more of Council's hand
  37. We are splitting up and departing, after many many minutes and drink have hapened.
  38. Council approves a flexible Charlotte.
  39. GMC can't remember whether she wrote the minutes.
  40. Commend Beetle for walking into a bike

* Mr. Sanders, i.e. Lukshmi

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