Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on 12th May 2007 in 7 Tennis Court Terrace, room 2

present: CGM, Beetle, Rosy H.
later present: Jack
apologies: lots

  1. meeting open
  2. Rosy is much better at making conversation than I am.
  3. alarm clocks
  4. Beetle has indeed done something horrendous as mandated to in minute No. 40 last week.  He has been to a Sheila meeting.
  5. Jack arrives.
  6. mustard
  7. We have acquired extra minutes from Alexander's minute machine, and Jack reads them: “One point ten, nine, eight, seven, dot dot dot...”
  8. Censure Jack and possibly Ben for attending Sheila meetings, and possibly Neil: 2-1-1; carried
  9. Anna should have put the milk first: 3-1; carried
  10. The obliterating is from orbit.
  11. Rosie reads the minutes from 5th May.
  12. The bird-baths might be at oblivion.  Also Naath might know where they are.
  13. Dave Henderson did physics with Rosy's boyfriend Dave.
  14. Rosie reads 10th May.
  15. “Do you mean, of defenestrations, most of them are performed in Prague, or, in Prague, most people are defenestrated?” – Jack
  16. “Perhaps he just likes hard copies.” – Jack
  17. We discuss copyright and the recent e-mail from Martin Reed.
  18. “But Jack was very kind, and helped me, and gave me pumps and things.” – Beetle
  19. “Trees are notorious for not being rectangular.” – Jack
  20. The holes under the patch on CGM's trousers are the result of a chemical spill.
  21. reading: 1.IX: In which Piglet is Entirely Surrounded by Water
  22. commend the secretary for making tea one-handed: 3-0-0-1; carried
  23. boats called The Floating Bear or The Brain of Pooh
  24. Jack made a cake with lemons in it, but not in the same way as one might make a cake with wire cutters in it.
  25. Almost everybody either is or has been going out with almost everybody else.
  26. “We [secretary and tresurer – that is to say, Alexander Atkins and James ‘Giles’ Wardley] could be officially going out with each other and dating and everything, and just not get up to any hanky-panky.” – Alex: 1-2-1; failed
  27. We discuss many things, including but not limited to: cars in LA, God's DNA and Judaism.
  28. Secretary will never give his mitochondria to anyone else unless by means of some mitochondrion donation program developed in the future.
  29. commend secretary on his linguistic ability: 3-0-1; carried
  30. meeting closed 4-0

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