Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 19/01/2002 in Z7, North Court Emmanuel.

Present : Neil, Martin, Owen, Tom (very briefly), Kristina*, R......*

Apologies : Rosie, Tom, Matt, Jenny

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Hannah is lost

  3. The whole world should revolve around poohsoc, F:0, A:0, Ab:3 abstained

  4. Strange teabags

  5. Worms got the idea from cows, F:0, A:0, Ab:3 abstained

  6. 6) We search for worm's milk on the Internet

  7. The cats eat worm's milk.

  8. Kettles don't work unless you put them on.

  9. We decide not to have the AGM this meeting.

  10. We will look into what happens about changing into a university wide society.

  11. What do you do as a chair?

  12. Minutes of poohsoc meeting from 24/11/01 are read by Neil

  13. Minutes of poohsoc meeting from 01/12/01 are read by Neil

  14. We better censure Neil for getting it wrong: Passed

  15. "You have to take the archives out before you blow up Pembroke" F:0, A:1, Ab:2 Failed

  16. We are joined by visitors.

  17. Votes to let the visitors vote: F:2, A:1, Ab:0 carried

  18. Votes to censure Owen for putting room numbers in Varsity: F:2, A:1, Ab:0 carried

  19. The Dean's birthday party is on his birthday, F:0, A:1, Ab:0 failed

  20. Reading: In which it is shown Tiggers don't climb trees.

  21. Next week's meeting will be in room 2, 52A Trumpington Street

  22. Minutes from poohsoc meeting 12/01/02 are read by Neil

  23. Votes to close, F:2, A:1, Ab:0 carried

Neil apologises for next week.

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