Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting, held on the 17/5/2003 in E1 Buckingham Court, Magdalene.

Present: Owen, Rosy, Rachel C, Rachel H, Jonathon, Dunstan, Jack, Neil, Alison, Naath, Roz, Katie

Apologies: Jenny, Rosie, Ecstatic, Roz, Martin

  1. Meeting opened by Owen.

  2. The taking of minutes is delegated to the under-secretary as she doesnít suffer from exams,

  3. Everything is forgiven.

  4. Jonathon has never seen anybody die of Malburgh.

  5. Accounts are horrid. Does this extend to treasurers?

  6. "Iím the black mug - well Iím not Iím me." Roz

  7. "The tea bag is not a mug itís a tea bag." Owen

  8. Dunstan is beneath Roz.

  9. We are not going to pass any ridiculous motions: Passed

  10. Votes to censor anyone who isnít here and didnít apologise and Martin: Passed

  11. Votes to censor Martin for being Martin: Passed

  12. As suicide is illegal, should it be prevented by shooting people before they can commit it?

  13. Being Baptized in chocolate - "Thatís my idea of a religion" Alison

  14. We must say "ooh lovely" when eating the custard creams: Passed

  15. Custard creams are quite nice if you donít like them: Passed

  16. 13 dunks for the custard cream before breaking.

  17. Roz tries to buy votes for the digestives with chocolatety things.

  18. We need a dunking machine.

  19. 7 dunks for the digestive.

  20. "I could have so much fun hanging him" Neil

  21. We want Neil to be well hung: Passed

  22. We should censor someone whoís not in the society to prove we have the power: Passed

  23. The laws of the post service apply to everyone, even the society: Passed

  24. We discuss exhuming dead honorary members and bringing them to the Garden Party.

  25. If there are unicorns anywhere then theyíre in Trinity wine cellar.

  26. The size of your bed determines how you vote in elections.

  27. If we encase President Mugabe in concrete weíll have to drop him into hot lava if we want him to float.

  28. May week is not racist.

  29. The best way to Addenbrookes is to get out of your car and stand in the middle of the road.

  30. Neil isnít a racist but he is a devious as Martin. (who also is not a racist)

  31. Martin is baking a cake in the FA cup: Passed

  32. Votes to censor Martin for not bringing the cake: Passed

  33. You cannot be random above and beyond the call of Pooh-soc: Passed

  34. We will reply to the Queen and ask her to rearrange the trooping of the colour. Next year we will invite them all along.

  35. "Yes, indeed, I am the Lady Gwenhwyfar" Neil

  36. We should invite Prince Charles to a meeting: Passed

  37. As a democratically elected President, Owen outranks the Prince of Wales: Passed

  38. We all agree camp X-ray is evil and will now move on: Passed

  39. Neil has a perfectly good body of his own.

  40. Pooh-Soc should go Norse and drink tea out of the skulls of our enemies: Passed

  41. Votes to censure the society for not having any enemies: Failed

  42. Votes to censure Shelia for folding and depriving us of enemies: Passed

  43. Rosy is a Muppet: passed

  44. Censure everyone interrupting the minutes: passed

  45. Minutes of last week meeting are read.

  46. Censure Rachel C for flying the minutes out of the room: Passed

  47. Votes to make Neil into a paper aeroplane and throw him out of the window: Failed

  48. Alison strokes Neilís arm to see if he has soft calf-like skin suitable for turning into vellum.

  49. Votes to mandate Rosy to carry out the control experiment of dunking a biscuit into an empty mug: passed

  50. Tea is the binding force of the galaxy.

  51. Votes to commend Alison for discovering the unifying theory of tea: Passed

  52. "Alison alone should get the Nobel prize" Neil

  53. Votes to censor Neil: Passed

  54. Neil pokes Alison.

  55. We should persuade CUSU to give us all there power: passed

  56. Owen calls a vote on a withdrawn motion which failed anyway.

  57. If there was no air bumping into your head would your brain explode?

  58. The society owes Rachel C £9.90.

  59. Votes to censure Neil for trying to give Rachel C £99 of the societyís money for services rendered: Passed

  60. The Pilgrimage will be on Friday the 13th of June. (The under-secretary will not be attending as sheíll be listening to Christopher Robins fascinating talk entitled "Iíve been working for the last 8 months-honest"

  61. Owenís going to have trouble teaching maths next year: Apathyed (or local electioned)

  62. Votes to censure The James for not abstaining: Passed

  63. As 62 and for not abstaining this time: Passed

  64. Jack has several invisible, intangible and inaudible pianos.

  65. Neil gets astride Alison.

  66. Reading: In which Eeyore has a birthday

  67. Mandate Dunstan to gargle the receptacle of water part of the society anthem at the garden party: Passed

  68. Dunstan didnít know he existed.

  69. Roz is not the official bang.

  70. Pigletís balloon bursts. Hysterics ensue.

  71. The biscuit Vote: Custard Creams 5, Digestives 2.

  72. Next weeks meeting: Room 1, 4 Selwyn Gardens. Unless someone jumps up in the next five minutes.

  73. We could call votes to close: Passed

  74. Votes to close: Passed

  75. Next weeks meeting: Room 1, 4 Selwyn Gardens.

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