Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on 10th May 2003 in 1 Chapel Court 2, Jesus

Present: Katie, Rachel, Owen, Rosy, Naath, Jack, John-h, Dunstan, Rachel C, Martin, Neil, Rosie, Jenny

Apologies: Rosie, Jenny, Alison, Jonathan

Guest: An Apple

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. The pianoís not here. Passed.

  3. Tea like spaghetti.

  4. The real Jammy Dodgers.

  5. John-h met hyssop in bizarre circumstances.

  6. "If Iíd had these last week who knows WHAT might have happened." John-h.

  7. Naath is much intrigued by the invisible piano.

  8. Martin was at home last week. John-h embarks on an attempt to guess where "home" is. Initially. Eventually it is narrowed down to "somewhere in Leistershire too small to have its own MacDonalds".

  9. Biscuit hustings:
    Pan di Stelle (Dunstan)
    Sprout Sport Milky Bar Biscuits (Rachel C)

  10. Phil arrives to talk to Katie. We all gaze silently at him, and he begins to look perturbed. Or at least thatís the idea.

  11. Next time, fold the minutes into paper aeroplanes and throw them round the room. Passed.

  12. The minutes of the meeting on 3rd May are read out, with commentary, as is traditional.

  13. John-hís bare-naked womanís arm was in his bag. Passed.

  14. Votes to commend John-h for going to Amsterdam to find a postcard of Cambridge: Passed.

  15. Votes to censure John-h for his persistent failure to send us a postcard for March or April. Passed.

  16. We should have a control experiment involving dipping a biscuit into an empty mug. Passed.

  17. Votes to censure Neil: Passed. Passed.

  18. Votes to censure Dunstan for not paying attention. Passed.

  19. Rachelís 51. Passed.

  20. Votes to censure John-h for eating a Jammy Dodger. Passed.

  21. Votes to censure John-h for threatening the reality of the universe by going against a PoohSoc minute. Passed.

  22. Votes to let apples vote. Passed.

  23. Are there any restrictions on what can be a guest? Probably you canít be a guest if youíre a member.

  24. Votes to give minute 32 voting rights. Passed.

  25. Votes to censure Neil for proposing that stupid idea. Passed.

  26. Votes to censure John-h for trying to propose AND second a motion. Passed.

  27. Votes to censure Neil. Failed.

  28. We beat Neil with a carrot. Passed. (Iíve been told to note that Neil voted For. Hmm.)

  29. Nothing like an excuse to censure Neil. Passed.

  30. Weíll have a Birthday Party next week to accelerate Rachelís ageing. Passed.

  31. Itíll be a normal meeting and weíll call it a party. Passed.

  32. For the remainder of this weekís meeting, "Katie" will be spelt Rachael. Passed.

  33. This week, minute 32 will abstain. Passed.

  34. Pinning the tail on Owen would be a lot more fun. Passed.

  35. Votes to censure Dunstan for asking. Passed.

  36. Votes to commend Dunstan for asking. Passed.

  37. It looks like Welsh.

  38. All undergrad and part III mathmos have to write their lecture notes in the way just outlined by Neil. Passed.

  39. Votes to censure Naath for inability to read. Abstained.

  40. We just accidentally abstained a motion. Abstained.

  41. We should have a motion thatís confused. Failed.

  42. We should run round the country spoiling ALL the ballots. Failed.

  43. We should mandate Neil to do it on our behalf. Passed.

  44. Right. Biscuit vote?

  45. Rachel - any last words?

  46. Iíd rather not think what PoohSocís about to do to me. Abstained.

  47. If the not-sprout-biscuits lose, the entire moral fabric of our society will collapse.

  48. We should mandate the Foreign Secretary to write to the "Safe sex, mildly good times and environmentally-friendly cars committee" person and invite them to join us. Passed.

  49. Biscuit Vote: exact numbers are not recorded as there were no exact numbers, but the Pan di Stelle won.

  50. Votes to commend Rachael on optimal use of AOL CDs. Passed.

  51. John-h is very spoilt today. Passed.

  52. John-hís dad is a seahorse. Passed.

  53. John-h has to write to his Dad and tell him heís a seahorse. Hung

  54. We should have May Week in August. Passed.

  55. The apple voted. Failed.

  56. May week. Bridge crawl. On the Thursday (19th June).

  57. Votes to rusticate all the members. Failed.

  58. Thursday of May Week should be an Honorary Member. Failed.

  59. Itís all becoming distinctly silly. Passed.

  60. Itís all becoming indistinctly silly. Passed.

  61. Votes to remove Neilís seconding rights for the rest of the meeting, invoking Clause LXI as necessary. Passed.

  62. Votes to commend Rosie for keeping up with the absurd number of minutes despite only just having arrived. Passed.

  63. Votes to commend the secretary for etc. etc. Passed.

  64. Votes to declare something else a carrot. Passed.

  65. Neil is beaten with (I think) a pair of earrings.

  66. We should wish Martin a Happy Birthday for Thursday.

  67. Votes to wish Martin a Happy Birthday for Friday. Passed.

  68. Votes to rename Neil "Rachel". Passed.

  69. Votes to rename everyone Rachel. Failed.

  70. [N-Rachelís] going to shut up now. Passed.

  71. Weíll read alternate words from each chapter. Failed.

  72. Itís that tone of voice that says "management preffered decision coming up".

  73. Because the apple is a visitor it has to narrate, by being eaten very noisily. Failed.

  74. Votes to censure the exceptionally vicious teapot. Passed.

  75. Reading: "In which Christopher Robin leads an Expoitition to the North Pole" followed continuously by "In which Eeyore finds the Wolery and Owl moves into it"

  76. It is observed that Christopher Robin has become quite astonishingly sleazy, somewhat precocious in a child yet to start Prep School.

  77. Votes to commend Rachael on having excellent Fennel Tea. Passed.

  78. Votes to censure Jennyís phone for interrupting the reading. Passed.

  79. Rosie canít go after the story, she must stay here forever. Failed.

  80. Votes to censure the-patch-of-air-where-the-piano-isnít for having it in for Rachel. Passed.

  81. Next weekís meeting: E1, Buckingham Court, Magdalene.

  82. Votes to close. Passed.

Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting
10th May 2003

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