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The Place where Minutes are taken and hours are lost.

Welcome to the homepage for the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society. Established at the beginning of 1993 the society has become one of the most famous societies in the whole of the University of Cambridge with several TV appearances and a membership including Her Majesty the Queen.

Although originally founded at Pembroke, The Society is now open to rather more people than just undergraduate students at the founding college.  “All undergraduates, graduates and senior members of the university” may now become paying members (the fee is £2 / year) and The Society no longer makes any distinction as to college or departmental affiliation.  Non-members of the university resident within its precincts may apply for membership, subject to ratification by The Society.  Membership entitles you to attend the elevenses and general meetings and to vote on motions, but nobody will complain if you go to all the meetings anyway, and it has become customary to vote that visitors can vote whenever there are any.

Upcoming Meetings and Other Events:

Meeting / Event Type: To be Held in: How to Get There: On: At: Links:
Gloomy Elevenses Meeting
13 Garden Walk
From town, cross Jesus Green and the footbridge. Go up Carlyle Road (where the Freshers' Tea was) and turn right at some point opposite the park. Turn left on Victoria Road and right at the pedestrian crossing into Garden Walk (it's one-way except for cycle access, but there is a slip-lane for avoiding running into cars coming the other way). Number 13 is the green door at the end of a terrace on the left. Ples cnoke and rnig if rnser is reqid.Saturday 30th November
4. p.m.
Eeyore's Gloomy Place

Please Bring a Mug (to elevenses meetings)
The Minutes of the Last Few Meetings
The Last-Read List in Google Docs

photo of an elevenses meeting

So What Do We Do?

Clause III of our constitution states:

“The aim of the Society shall be to meet in Elevenses and General Meetings in order to preserve and disseminate the works of A. A. Milne”

This is achieved by holding Elevenses Meetings at 4 pm (the most sensible time!) every Saturday of Full Term, where we drink tea, eat (and perform surgery on) cake and read from the extant corpus of A. A. Milne. Of course this does mean we have the hardship of having to leave our work and eat Jaffa Cakes, or some other form of cake, but our members soon develop the skills to cope with this.

The society also holds special events such as formal halls, pilgrimages to the real Hundred Acre Wood and the Annual Garden Party during May week (which is obviously in June!). The Queen is invited every year as are all the other honorary members, but her commitments with Trooping The Colour have prevented her from being able to attend. She has sent several nice letters apologising though.

Update for 2007:Another thing the Society does is never to update the blurb on the home page of the website, because unfortunately the webmaster is a Webmaster and as such Has No Imagination.  But feel free to come along to a meeting and propose that It Should Be Updated and Something More Interesting Should Be Written and we will happily have a vote on it.  Indeed, we will probably have a vote on a great many things anyway.

You may get an idea of some of what goes on by reading some recent minutes, or indeed any minutes, but on the other hand they are not designed to be intelligible (except where there is a committee meeting for the sake of the bank, but these are held in secret and closed as soon as The Business Is Done to prevent anybody seconding anything silly that must then be taken down by the secretary).

Actually, I can summarise what the Pooh Society does in four things:

  1. tea
  2. cake
  3. constitution, i.e. minutes and voting and suchlike
  4. the works of A. A. Milne (including poetry)

You will immediately notice that the Tea and Cake are so important that they each get a number of their own.  But of course the other things are important too.

Random Set of Minutes

Other Stuff on This Website

Society News

Details of the latest society events and other goings on in the Hundred Acre Wood

Officers of the Society

Some of the people behind the society and their roles within the society


A highly skilled sport (with a slight element of luck) that the society participates in. Our society poohsticks rules are here as well as details of some of the variations we play (including versions which can be played overland).

The Biscuit League

The ultimate in biscuit competitions. Find out the likes and dislikes of the society biscuitwise here.

The Society Archives

As much of the society archives as we have been able to get online, including the majority of the minutes from our meetings.

The Poohsoc Photo Gallery

A selection photos of society members and events

Contact Details

How to get in touch with the society. We like it when random people contact us...


A selection of places on the internet where you can find out about tea, cake and pooh, along with some very silly people.

Want to Know More?

If you are a Pembroke College student, a student at another college in Cambridge or just within the Cambridge area and would like to know more about the society and its meeting times, then you can join the mailing list and we will keep you in the loop.  You are also, of course, free to put yourself down on the mailing list and even come to the elevenses meetings if you are nowhere near Cambridge, but you will probably find it convenient to be in Cambridge for an hour or two on the occasions that you do attend, if this is the case.

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